In the Program on the F-35 revealed 363 defects

In the Program on the F-35 revealed 363 defects
As reported ARMS-TASS and inspections carried out by the Pentagon revealed the presence of 363 flaws in the implementation of programs from the creation of the South American strike fighter of the 5th generation F-35 «Joint Strike Fighter» (Joint Strike Fighter, JSF).
As indicated in the report released on Mon Pentagon inspector general, «discovered flaws can badly affect the flying qualities of this war machine and its reliability, also lead to a substantial increase in the cost of the program.»

In the inspection report noted that the creators of the new fighter — the company «Lockheed Martin» and its sopodryadchikov 5 — did not give «due attention to quality control work,» which contributed to rising costs and the emergence of deficiencies that pose a swing that all the safety requirements stated in the operational development of functional fighter.

Supersonic F-35 «Lightning 2» made with the introduction of technology «stealth», should change obsolescent aircraft AV-8B «Harrier», A-10, F-16, F/A-18 «Hornet» and British GR.7 «Harrier» and «Sea Harrier». In the future, some modification of the F-35 will be able to carry a nuclear weapon. The Pentagon expects to produce more than 3 thousand of these fighters, including for foreign partners involved in this project, which has become one of the most expensive military programs the U.S. Defense Department. According to the latest Pentagon on this program from being undertaken since 2001, has already spent 395.7 billion dollars, and production of F-35 into service delayed due to numerous delays and problems in 2016, according to ITAR-TASS.

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