In the pyramid of the Sun found a very old god

February 13, 2013 12:16

In the famous Pyramid of the Sun in Mexico discovered ancient sculpture Ueueteotlya god — the god of fire, volcanoes and home. About valuable discovery told the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico.

Photo: Kmit / RIA Novosti

Indians believed Ueueteotlya oldest of their deities. Its name translates as "very, very old god." Ueueteotl usually depicted as an old man sitting with a bowl, incense burner on the head.

Archaeologists discovered the sculpture at an altitude of 66 meters: it is located in the previously unknown voids are quite large (a few meters). In addition to the sculptures, scientists found two large stele.

Ueueteotlya statue was the largest of the previously detected image of the god in Teotihuacan. Its size is 58 cm, weight — about 190 pounds.
According to one hypothesis, the sculpture of the god in the temple was formerly located at the top of the Pyramid of the Sun, according to RIA Novosti. At the end of V — VI early centuries AD, it was destroyed themselves teotiuakantsy. As a result, valuable items of the temple could fall under its own weight into the empty space inside the pyramid, where they remained hidden for centuries.

Another interesting archaeological find was made in Peru. Here they found the ancient Temple of Fire in the architectural complex of El Paraiso, located 40 km from the capital of Lima, reports Herald Sun. In the sanctuary there is a sacrificial hearth, which was used during rituals to communicate with the gods. Temple thousands of years. According to scientists, the findings suggest that the ancient region located around the modern Lima, was the center of civilization in the Andes.

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