In the Russian poultry market dominated by domestic manufacturers

According to research conducted by Intesco Research Group, in analyzing the poultry market, the volume of which in 2011 rose to 3.5 million tons, revealed that developed competitive advantages in favor of domestic producers, and the ratio of the volume of imported and domestic products in the market turned in favor of Russian products. In general the structure of supply of poultry meat in the domestic market, its share has reached almost 90%. As a result of the growing volume of domestic production, the share of imported poultry on the Russian market for the period from 2007 to 2011 decreased by 28%.

In the implementation of its per capita poultry consumption in Russia in 2011 reached 24.8 kg per year. The result is quite impressive — the increase was in relation to the previous year, 2%, compared to the pre-crisis year — 11% more than the volume of consumption per person per year. The result is impressive, since the consumption of poultry meat by our citizens almost equal to the value of the biologically necessary standards of consumption.

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