In the Tver region storm killed 125 calves

May 30 storm in the Tver region has brought misfortune Zubtsovsky farmers — SKHPK "Spring" has missed 125 bulls.

The incident occurred at 17:00 in the area of the village Zubtsovsky Myakotina. A heavy thunderstorm, lightning, one of them hit the calf shed, from which wooden building area of 850 sq.m. caught fire.

As told TIA Tatiana Lukasheva, mayor Pogorelsky rural settlement, at a time in the farm foreman agricultural production cooperative Albina Timashkova. The woman then said that a lightning strike was a powerful, its "well shaken and leaned back." Realizing that livestock face terrible danger, she tried to untie the animals. But the smoke and the fire spread rapidly, young bulls were frightened and did not make their way to the exit through the fumes. After a few minutes from the ceiling started to fall charred pieces of the roof, then a brigadier, to stop trying to save the animals, she got out.

All building calf house is completely destroyed, it burned to death and all 125 head of young cattle. SKHPK "Spring" in Zubtsovsky area is considered one of the leading agricultural enterprises. Never such misfortune cooperative has not suffered.

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