In the village of the beam on the Postavschine looking Atlyantydu

The Vitebsk region, in the village of Luchay Postavsky district started the 6th art open-air "Finding Atlyantydy." These open-air held in small towns where there are monuments requiring restoration, or other local features that should be preserved for posterity.

Luchay village located in 18 kilometers from the district center placed, but with highway Polotsk — Vilnius should turn and drive another three miles to the west.

The source of inspiration for artists became an architectural monument of the 18th century — the church of St. Thaddeus, built in the years 1766-1776. The building was destroyed in World War II, but in 1971 it was closed and turned into the farm store. In 1990, the run-down building of the temple gave the local Catholic parish, and he has since recovered, in including and by charitable donations.

Monument to the eyes of a young Ming painter Anton vomit.

Artist of the Gomel Yury Platonov.

A group of artists who came from Minsk, Gomel, Vitebsk, Novopolotsk, Wareh, Verkhnedvinsk, ataybavalasya in the former local school. Once upon a time it was the building Priest house, and soon he will once again be the church property. The only thing that confused at first — is the lack of electricity: after School moved here, electricians cut the light.

But the priest Michael, who does a lot to landscape surroundings, not only allowed to connect to the power in the church, but also lent multimeter "extension." Its just enough to the building, where artists live.

It settled an open-air parties.

In the eyes of the Ming artist Catherine Myasnikov, offers scenic views. And the fact that contained electricity, artists dine by candlelight, only adds romanticism and inspiration.

Catherine Myasnikov.

Vasily Peshkun and Anna Selivonchyk came with a 9 year old little daughter, the youngest member of the plein air. Masha Peshkun as adult artists, every day is "on etudy."

Mary draws Peshkun.

The fact that the time to do, artists discuss among themselves. And finally, an open-air, July 12, will be the first exhibition of the works of luchayskaga plein air, which will invite all local residents.

Natalia Belookaya (center) shows a "fresh" views of Lake Ray.

Luchay a small village, there live only about a hundred villagers. However, a local church has become famous excursion sites: come here and those who rest in sanatoriums on Narach, and those who get their own vehicles. Making the site around the temple is somewhat similar Mosar — the famous "Belarusian Versal" created by the enthusiasm and talent already deceased priest Juozas Bulka. Before entering the church in 2008 he was installed only in Belarus and the world's first monument to Pope Benedict XVI.

Monument to Pope Benedict XVI

In the church yard.

The local priest Michael was engaged to repair the building — under his leadership the church paint outside and clean out the dungeons. The next step — Priest house building.

Almost a "colleague" of artists.

The purpose of plein air "Finding Atlyantydy," according to the initiator of their conduct, poet Lera Catfish, is precisely to draw attention to such landmarks. They either gradually being restored, or in dire need of restoration. And the artists are trying to convey the uniqueness of these objects.

Later, when the artwork will be finally completed, an open-air exhibition of works by the participants will be held in Vitebsk, Polotsk, Orsha and Minsk. These cities have been exhibited works, written during the last plein air in Lyavonpali, Disne, Drouhin, Osveja and Vopse.



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