In the world of movement is gaining momentum, childfree — free children

Careful, kids! In the world of childfree movement is gaining momentum, in translation — free of children. These are people who voluntarily give up reproduction. Their arguments — from the banal to the reluctance of women to get stretch marks on the body, to the global — this cruel world is not for children. In the eyes of staunch supporters of this idea looked Svetlana Chernetska.

She was never afraid to speak his mind. Probably, therefore became a journalist. Computer and recorder Lily never traded for diapers and sliders. Says — too irresponsible to be a mom. In this role, she was even scared to present themselves. After all, children's whims and tantrums always moved by the girl, and annoying.
Lily Skopintseva — activist "childfree":
When I had a cat, I could not follow him, I had to give it back, I just did not manage. If it is a child, it will be clear that it will be even worse.
Black sheep she thought she was 20. Until she found like-minded people on the Web. It turns out — in Russia for thousands of people united by a childfree movement. They do not worry — who gives you a cup of water in old age. And refuse to become machines for procreation.
She, too, Lily, and also — deliberately childless. Its like other Ukrainian followers of the ideas of liberty of children is often condemn and criticize. Accused of selfishness and immaturity.
Lily is available — party movement "childfree":
And if I give birth, but I do not feel that thrill? And what I'm going mom? That is, there is another level of responsibility for everything that you do in life.
To understand myself, Lily has even become a psychologist. Now helps others to understand — whether they need at home children's laughter. Unlike its Russian namesake, which on this ground part with her beloved, Lilia married. But the third — once …
As for the American couple — 20 years of marriage they have not any desire to grow the flowers of life.
Paul, an activist of the movement "childfree" (Washington):
I think most people do not really want to have children. Indeed, many problems would be avoided. For example, right now we can jump on a plane and not worry about the children.
— And in financial terms, it is very profitable. No need to think about college, medical bills and so on. Care only about themselves, and more about anyone.
Now they walk in the so-called "light-hearted" the Washington DC area. Here, even the day the child will not be allowed in a restaurant or store. This symbol — appears on the doors of hotels and airplanes.
Childfree movement originated in America, and conquering new territory. Here are increasingly free from the children forever. Paul and Wendy — did sterilization.
They even fall under the surgeon's knife and deliberately go on disability. To be childless, not only in words but also in deeds. Only 15 minutes, and they always get rid of this hateful to them fertility.
The men — it vas deferens ligation in women — the fallopian tubes. In Ukraine, such operations are allowed to have 18.
In Russia, there is a ban — a person can become sterile no earlier than 35. But for those who consider themselves staunch childfree, there is only one prohibition — on children, says Russian sexologist.
Alexander Tesler — Sexology:
You can always get around the ban — or take a trip to the Ukraine and to make the procedure there. Or go privately to a urologist, who can ignore the legislation, it is not a problem.
What is it — more loyal legislation, or simply indifference. Why are you still in the U.S. do not sell alcohol, and in Ukraine have already made childless. The Health Ministry of the childfree whisper. Fear the effect of the "forbidden fruit."
Vyacheslav Kaminsky — chief obstetrician of Ministry of Health of Ukraine:
From yaksho E zaboroneno, God forbid abortion, viklichemo Hvilya krimіnalnih abortіv. Yaksho E sogodnі'll govoriti scho E categorically zaboronyaєmo sterilіzatsіyu i etc. — Viklichemo іnteres tsієї to the right, i did znovu Well znaydutsya people yakі zahochut vіdrіznitisya Vid zagalnoї Masi.
Distinguish themselves for life. Mistakes of youth — something with which very often faces Oksana Shklyarevskii psychiatrist. She is certain — the state must do everything to prevent hasty and unjustified actions.
Oksana Shklyarevskii — Psychiatrist private clinic:
Not the fact that this patient is 15 years finds that Ivanov-gynecologist and say — and you shall I cut the tube, and now I want children. That is, there must be some legal basis.
This is — a meeting Ukrainian childfree. Permanent activists Ukrainian online — a few hundred. Oksana explains — is, as a rule, people with higher education, artists and quite successful.
— In fact, it is the sublimation of sexual energy in any other sphere.
He — my kids call songs. Leader of "Tartak" assures — in his forties is not yet ripe for procreation. And not because I have not enjoyed the freedom, or do not like children.
Sashko Polozhinsky — Artist:
Scho I mozhu zaproponuvati svoїm potentsіynim dіtyam? From here you are you qiu іdіotsku kraїnu, s tsієyu urodskoyu Vladoiu, s tsimi people — not yakі povazhayut myself yakі zasirayut all Prostir navkolo currently. I estimate at a time May Dachi svoїm dіtyam? Zvichayno scho if stoїt nutrition, chomu bіlshe pridіlyati uwagi, I namagayusya svoї zusillya kontsentruvati to ensure schobi people Casati: people scho robite integer, integer podivіtsya yak live podivіtsya yakі Shanxi integer daєte svoїm dіtyam?
While this — the classic argument of most childfree, Sashko not consider themselves as such. He still hopes — unless something changes in the country, at least in his mind — and he also gets a little backup.

Svetlana Chernetskaya, Benjamin Trubachev and Maxim Drabok — "more weeks," TC "Inter".

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