In Troiza celebrated the victory at Grunwald


In the center of Minsk, in a cozy courtyard Literary Museum of Maxim Bogdanovich took a theatrical spectacle and music festival dedicated to the 600th anniversary of the victory in the Battle of Grunwald and the 660th anniversary of Duke Vytautas the Great. And in the museum opened an exhibition Bogdanovich association "chase" called "Grunwald haze over time."

Spectators greeted the medieval knights in armor, girls in vintage multi-colored velvet dresses, Dudari. He opened the celebration of the artist Mikola Kupava. And then a beautiful dress himself appeared Duke Vytautas, under whose victorious warriors in the Battle of Grunwald:

The prince Vytautas.

"We finished off with the help of God's worst enemy who is constantly pestered us to live in peace and quiet, dignified and rich in our gaspadartve … Let our eternally shining silver horseman, renowned in battle for their country — our primordial "race"! Great Lives in Lithuania, the Grand Duchy of Lithuania lives and Russian, lives forever! He lives! "

The knights' fights.

There were also demonstrations jousting battles, dance group "Flammeya" sang beautiful medieval ballroom dancing, medieval music was played by Stanislav Bogdanov, Dmitry Szymanski, a group of "local know."

The museum's director of Maxim Bogdanovich Tatiana Shelegovich"Medieval dance — it is a culture that has survived the centuries and continues to live, has its supporters. My daughter's dance club visit knight, engaged in the reconstruction of medieval dances. Singing, music, bagpipes — it's can not affect, not inspire, it is always valuable, always pleasant, always exciting and always will be in demand. "

Guests of the Russian city of Tver — delighted: "We love it. Very nice to listen to the national music, look at these beautiful people in a really fabulous costumes, dresses, Many thanks to the organizers. "

The head of the group "The local gentry" Levon Mahnach"It's nice that there are viewers, there are interesting members — for all this holiday. It is a pity that not all Belarusians know their history. We have much to be proud of our ancestors. And our history is very interesting, though tragic places. When you tell the students, so they listen, so interested, so vividly react to it … And glad that we rejoice people with his art. "

Dancing Vytautas era.

And then the celebration moved to the museum. There's an exhibition on "Grunwald haze over time." Exhibited works of Edward Agunovich, Gregory Sitnitsa Ales Marochkina, Mikola Water lilies, Michael Basalygo, Ales Shaternik, Anatoly Consum, George King's son, Paul Tatarnikov. Artists hope that the fall in the Palace of Arts will be held a major exhibition dedicated to the victory in the Battle of Grunwald.

Exhibition of the "Pursuit".

The guests of honor at the event were foreign diplomats. Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Lithuania to Belarus Edminas Bagdonas the Belarusian language shared his impressions:

"The soul rejoices from experience. Well, that did such a wonderful sight. Thank you, that I did not forget to invite to the feast, in our common holiday. The victory at Grunwald — our common victory. And it must be together to celebrate our common victory, to show the world what we are. "

Edminas Bagdonas (right).

The museum had a surprise visitor — premiere of the song "The Sun over Grunwald" performed by students of the University of Culture Spring Letsko to the accompaniment of Jan Jarosz.



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