In Vitebsk friend BCD mart on the official did not give even a police chief to stay

Ales Halavan had participate in a theatrical setting — in the club's historical reconstruction show episode partisan battle. However, activist banned from the podium in front of his superiors, even as a policeman.

According to the scenario of celebrations, it first parade, and then theatrical productions, in including and historical themes. "Hero" Ales Golovan have to "kill in battle" in front of the podium with the city and regional leadership, "Polizei" artfully shows the "Germans", where the guerrilla ambush, but the "people's avengers" courageously defended …

From yesterday's dress rehearsal for Ales Golovanov, he started having problems. One of the police officers found a guy in the face, as an activist repeatedly then arrested for distribution of independent newspapers, the opposition for participating in promotions.

At first, the police and the "men in civilian clothes," warned the head of the club — they say, carry the responsibility for his friend that he did not even think to come on holiday with a white-red-white flag. Then he had a conversation with himself, Alexander Golovan, who was willing to voluntarily withdraw from participation in the formulation, so as not to let down the club. However, the guy was persuaded to stay, saying that this is just a warning.

However, this morning, after a conversation with "a man in civilian clothes," the head of the club said that the participation of Alesia in a theatrical setting Golovan categorically excluded.


Vitebsk, activists, harassment

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