Indonesia could purchase a large number of fighters «DRY»

Indonesia could purchase a large number of fighters
Indonesian Defense Forces announced the plans for new pilots and forming 8 fighter squadrons, Jakarta Globe reported on September 27.

«We pin hopes that by 2024 we will have eight fighter squadrons,» said Air Chief Marshal Ida Bagus Putu Dunja (Ida Bagus Putu Dunia) on Wednesday after receiving from Russia next six Su-30MK2. It is expected that any squadron will consist of 16 fighters «dry». Marshal said that these fighters will create a «powerful deterrent force», which will enhance the combat potential of the Indonesian Air Force. Under an agreement with Russia on the basis of the Air Force, «Hasanuddin» will be prepared pilots. «Technology» Sukhoi «meet the highest demands and keep pace with time. We have a sufficient number of pilots to control these fighters, but we are also preparing new pilots for the new fighter, «said Marshall.

Ida also added that the Air Force will change old F-5 fighters Tiger. Base «Hasanuddin» completely armed with new air armament, including ammunition, confirmed Marshal. Defense Minister Purnomo Yusgiantoro (Purnomo Yusgiantoro) also confirmed the plans for the substitution of F-5. Excluding aircraft «Sukhoi», also received a military squadron trainer aircraft T-50 South Korean production (base «Isvahudi Madiun,» East Java).

Meanwhile, human rights defenders expressed concern about the purchase in England «sophisticated spy equipment» of Gamma TSE, which has a history of cooperation with «despotic regimes.» But Defense Ministry spokesman Brigadier Sisriadi (Sisriadi) said that the acquisition of a new intelligence equipment was part of efforts to modernize the main weapon and it is necessary to share information inside the country’s armed forces to prevent its interception «irresponsible parties.»

«We will use this equipment exclusively in the interests of strategic defense, and not for criminal purposes,» said the defense minister.

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