Injuries and first aid for children

Injuries and First Aid.  Photo from

Children — creating a very agile and restless. Showing curiosity and actively mastering the world, they are often victims of domestic injuries. Grudnichki strive fall off the changing table, Older children — knock over a cup of hot tea, stick your fingers in the socket and fall off the swings. School children are often injured, biking andRoller.

Adults need to know where the child usually dangerous, and do everything possible to prevent it. Fully protect the child from injury, alas, can not, and the children eventually stuffed bumps and bruises, fired, break limbs, etc. The main task of the parents in this situation — do not bump into a panic, quickly call a doctor and have a well- first aid. This will not only ease the baby's condition, but also accelerate its subsequent recovery.

First aid may take the child not only with injuries, but also in various diseases. Situations such as cold with heat, food poisoning with diarrhea and vomiting occur frequently in children, and in many cases — on weekends and public holidays. The task of parents — not only to help the child, but also to noticesymptoms that require medical emergencies. So always keep on hand first aid kit with medicines and dressing materials that may be needed in an emergency and the phones clock care.

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