Injuries lead to cancer of the testicle

Injuries lead to cancer of the testicle.  Photo from

Hit below the belt — it's not only painful, but also potentially dangerous. If we talk about the sport, the injury testicles (testes) most often occur in hockey, football and cycling. Slashing, ball, abusive opponents, falling — with similar episodes athletes face every day. And it is not surprising that all sorts of big-time sports professionals testicular tumors, which are considered quite rare disease, occur more frequently than in other men. The risk increases with a genetic predisposition to the disease and are not cured once underdevelopment of the testes associated with cryptorchidism — undescended them. Therefore it is very important to notice the mess boys and do the surgery.

Alas, men are much more attention to his penis and scrotum rather than its content. Therefore it is not superfluous to recall that the state of the testicles depends largely on reproductive health in general, and the ability to lead a normal sex life. That they formed sperm and male sex hormones are produced. The message is usually a malignant testicular tumors falls on men as a bolt from the blue. Indeed, such a diagnosis placed mostly young and capable young people between the ages of 20 and 40.

But all is not bleak: modern medicine can cure almost any form of this disease. Unfortunately, more than half of men, noting that their testicles something not in order to put off going to the doctor. But if you "catch" the disease early and choose the right tactics to combat it, almost guaranteed to cure everything. And even if the situation is complicated by metastases (capturing the retroperitoneal area, at least — the brain, lungs or liver), recovery is possible.

Given that disease select young men to get used to examine ourselves, starting with15-16 years. You can prevent the development of disease through regular self-control. Such verification is desirable to organize once a month. To facilitate the procedure, take a relaxing warm bath. Learn how to look your testicles in a standing position.

Note the color and texture of the scrotum with enough light. Getting up in front of a mirror, palpate and rotate each testicle. Normally, they should be resilient, but not hard. Palpate the epididymis — they are more delicate fabric, like a sponge. On the upper tip of the testis can be detected rollers vas deferens. If everything is in order, they are smooth and elastic to the touch. Do all it should be careful not to injure the sensitive organ.

Should be alerted at the time of inspection:

  • Small round seal.
  • The increase in testis, even insignificant.
  • One egg was a little heavier than the other.
  • Soreness.
  • Alteration of normal sensation in the scrotum.

If notice some warning signs, seek immediate medical attention. But do not put yourself serious diagnosis. Rather, it is a hernia, cyst or hydrocephalus — such troubles occur with eggs is much more common than malignant tumors.

There are about twenty varieties of testicular tumors. And to make a prediction about the effectiveness of treatment can only identifying the cellular structure of the tumor, its origin and structure. It is easiest to treat seminomas — tumors originating from epithelial tissue of the testes. It is much harder to deal with fetal testicular cancer, where the success of treatment depends on the stage of the disease.

Diagnosis andtreatment

If there is some concerns, it is best to consult a surgeon or oncologist. The preliminary diagnosis doctor will be able to deliver after inspection and feelings of the testes. If he deems it necessary, appoint ultrasound and fine needle aspiration. To confirm the diagnosis is sometimes necessary x-rays and computed tomography. Modern scientific achievements in the field of treatment of testicular tumors are associated with drugs, and radiation technology. However, in most cases it is assigned a combination of these methods with surgery.

Tumor often "based" only one egg, while the second remains completely healthy. Therefore, after removal of one of these man remains able to conceive. Even if an operation to remove both testicles, can manage to take care of the offspring, freezing a portion of sperm, which then will be used for artificial insemination.

If it is decided to remove the eggs, it may take the place of the silicone prosthesis or similar materials. Then the appearance of the genitals remain the same. Artificial testicle is adapted in size and shape for the rest. You should not dramatize the situation and fear that your manhood will suffer irreparable loss. After all, nature has taken care of reproductive and sexual opportunities for men by making paired testes body.

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