Injuries young cyclists

Injuries young cyclists.  Photo from

A little boy rides a bicycle her backyard and screams mom vyglyanuvshey in the box:

— Mom, look, I'm going with no hands!

Boy circles around the house, and a moment later there because of angle:

— Mom, poshmotri, I'm going beige zhubov!



As a child, probably every one of us fell off the bike — my knees were bruised, his pants fell steadily in the chain … But for most people, a bicycle is still not associated with injuries, and with sports, fresh air, freedom of movement, the long-awaited summer vacation.

Russia does not think much about the danger of this type of transport, and the statistics on bicycle injuries are hard to find. However, Western scholars for decades doing research injuries among cyclists. They found that cycling on the risk is only slightly inferior to football. To reduce the number of dangerous injuries, many countries require the mandatory use of a helmet while riding a bike ..

What is dangerous bike?

Absolutely, and without a bicycle child will find where to get a bruise or abrasion, in the worst case scenario — where to break a leg or arm. However, this mode of transport, as Canadian researchers have found, increases the risk of injury by about half. Most often, the boys get to the hospital to 10 years — with age number accidents has steadily decreased.

The most frequent type of injury — this fall from the bike and the associated damage to the feet and hands. Typically, after such injuries the child gets better without any consequences. Accidents caused by the failure or defect in the bicycle road surface is also relatively easy. And the most serious injuries — primarily cranial— Occur in a collision with a car rider.

In total, according to Canadian researchers, the hospital gets up to 17 percent of young cyclists. Of these, approximately one seventh of turns in the intensive care unit — usually because of severe head injuries.

According to statistics collected in the UK, the most dangerous for cyclists cars — trucks. Drivers of such vehicles often do not see the cyclist and knock it down at the corners, remodeled or simply by passing traffic. It clashes with the trucks often lead to death in bicycle injuries. Because of them, many children are left permanently disabled.

Bicycle helmets

Wearing a bicycle helmet can significantly reduce the likelihood of head injuries and, accordingly, the danger of cycling in general. According to some reports, the number of serious injuries (requiring treatment in the intensive care unit), thanks to the helmet falls to60-80 interest, on the other — 40. But this figure is significant.

These data were90th years been adopted by the authorities of certain countries: Canada, New Zealand and Australia. Anyone who travels on a bicycle without a helmet, violates local law. Of course, the number of bicycle injuries in these countries has declined significantly — both in the cities and beyond from the outside — but in spite of this feasibility of "cycling" of the law is increasingly questioned.

This is due to the fact that in countries where a ban on riding without a helmet, the number of cyclists has dropped significantly. At the same time, driving cycling is healthy: it is a means of preventing atherosclerosis, obesity, diabetes and many other diseases. As a result, doctors are still arguing about which is more important: to save cyclists from injury or accustom people to a healthy lifestyle. At the same time these problems, in practice, can not be performed.

Therefore, if your child is ready to ride a bike in a helmet — it certainly would do him good. But to put the question "or helmet, or any pokatushek "not worth it. Let riding without a helmet, but safe from the point of view of traffic areas (eg, special lanes for cyclists in the park, etc.).

Cycle sport

There is a perception that racing bikes, cross or acrobatic exercises are more dangerous than everyday driving.In reality, the cycling deal more experienced and physically developed adolescents. In addition, they rarely ignore safety features — a helmet and protective suit. As a result, serious head injuries in athletes — is the exception rather than the rule. At the same time, broken limbs are fairly common.

Bike to the masses

Studies have shown that the probability of bicycle injuries can be significantly reduced if the road will be more cyclists. For example, if the number is doubled, the number of accidents increases by only 30 percent. This means that for every cyclist the chance of injury will drop by a third.

To explain these figures quite easily. First, car drivers are more attentive to cyclists. Secondly, about the safety of cyclists unwittingly begin to think of power: in the ideal case, they emit a separate space on the roads. Andand thirdly, most importantly, the cyclists are starting to pay more attention to its security, and the man in the helmet does not look black sheep among them.

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