Instituted proceedings under the Ministry of Health procurement scam c

Instituted proceedings under the Ministry of Health procurement scam cMinistry of Attorney General's office has convicted of violating competition when ordering medications.

Attorney General's Office to convict the Ministry of Health and Social Development of fraud in the procurement of drugs.

As it became known to Life News, from 2008 to 2009, when the heads of several auctions of commercial organizations that supply of drugs included in the list of essential drugs, illegal conduct coordinated actions restricting competition.

— In fact, there was a section of the pharmaceutical market and public procurement, — said the head of Life News interaction with the media, the General Prosecutor's Office Marina Gridneva, — so, in 2008 — 2009, the Ministry of State concluded 164 contracts worth 66.3 billion rubles. Of these, 127 contracts worth 61 billion rubles — only six suppliers.

The prosecutors found that the Ministry of Health unreasonably refuse admission to trading organizations not involved in the criminal scheme. Moreover, if the Auction Department initially overestimated the initial cost of drugs.

— The violations resulted in maintaining monopolistically high prices at auction, bringing the federal budget, the damage to the amount of 3.4 billion rubles — continued Gridneva.

On materials testing UPC Prosecution filed a criminal case under Article 178 of the Criminal Code "prevention, restriction or elimination of competition"

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