Invulnerable to ABM «Iskander-M»

Invulnerable to ABM
Ministry of Defense to determine the timing of deliveries to the troops tactical missile «Iskander-M» (developer and manufacturer of the Scientific-Production Company (SPC) «KBM» of Kolomna near Moscow), filled systems electronic warfare (EW).

Disk imaging on «News» from the War Department, the complexes will be put into service in the summer. New EW systems allow «Iskander» become invisible for such anti-missile systems, as the South American Patriot, Aegis, Israeli Arrow.

— Improved «Iskander» decided to bring missile brigades in Western and Southern military districts. The number and properties of rockets call can not, but full substitution of «Iskander» is not planned, — explained the «Izvestia» a senior official of the Ministry of Defense.

«Izvestia» learned that the complex EW provides cover missiles in the final leg of the flight. He puts passive and active noise-firing and all Surveillance radars and missile defense means noise and emissions wrong purposes.

Missile officers involved in the project, said, «Izvestia», the complex is not able to absolutely suppress enemy air defense and missile defense, but this is not required. Pretty make short-term chaos in their work, so that the missile managed to overcome the terrible plot.

Naturally, the computational power of modern air and missile defense are very significant, they quickly weed out the wrong goals and make their way through the noise barrier. But in any case, they need time, which «Iskander» enough to hit the target, — he said.

In NPK «KBM» that developed and manufactures tactical complexes «Iskander» declined to comment

Independent military expert on contemporary armed conflicts Vyacheslav Tseluyko told «Izvestia» that tactical «Iskander-M» with the ABM system breakthrough — an adequate response to the possible deployment of the South American missile defense system in Europe.

— Sami radars and interceptors euros GMD vulnerable to aircraft and tactical missiles, because the Americans closed down for EURO-PRO zonal missile defense systems based on complexes Patriot. To successfully hit targets, «Iskander» and equip complexes EW — Tseluyko said.

He noted that the improved missiles will not be useful in local conflicts or counterinsurgency struggle.

— Type complexes Patriot and Arrow are very expensive and only available in selected rich countries. A «Iskander» is needed specifically sverhtehnologichny, trendy opponent. Shoot them over unsecured objects — is like a microscope hammer a nail, — says the expert.

Web Editor MilitaryRussia Dmitry Kornev said in turn that the total equipment «Iskander» complexes EW yet devoid special meaning.

— Expanding the range of combat capabilities of the complex and the emergence of new variants of warheads — is undeniable progress. Just do not want to, so for similar news hid prepyadstviya yeasty mass production «Iskander» and possible backlog of re-missile brigades — said root «Izvestia».

Operational-tactical missile system (PTRC) «Iskander», developed in the late 1980s — early 1990s to substitute PTRC «Point» and «Tochka-U», was adopted in 2006. At this point in the Russian army, according to the English edition of Millitary Ballance, 200 launchers complexes «Tochka-U» and «Iskander». The complex is capable of hitting point targets at a distance of 400 km of high-explosive, tape or a thermobaric warhead.

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