Ivan Kruk condemned without even questioning of the witness

Ostrovetsky activist Ivan Kruk awarded 150,000 rubles fine for libel during the campaign for an official from the executive committee.

Kruk during the election campaign, wrote a complaint to the Regional Commission on behalf of their voters Vladimir Maskevitch for managing the affairs of the District Executive Committee Michael Zimnitsky.

Maskevich claimed Zimnitsky forced him to give up the signature set for nomination as a candidate Ivan Kruk. Then, according to Crook, under pressure Zimnitsky Maskevich signed off on the new letter, which stated that there was no pressure. And then the representative of the district administration sued for libel Ivan Kruk.

At the first session of court Zimnitsky not come himself, and today was the main witness — Maskevitch. But the point is considered without it. Kruk petitioned the court to question other witnesses who came to court, but this was denied:

The trial was held on a pre-prepared script …

"I believe that the trial took place on a pre-prepared script. Why today at the trial was not the main and only witness? Takes into account only the testimony of an interested party, that's all …"

In the courtroom today were Nicholas Ulasevich and Lyudmila Shushko, who also stood out during the election campaign, candidates for deputies of district council. As they say, they are not registered in the same reasons as Ivan Kruk. These circumstances are going to share with the judge, but he did not want to listen to them.

Nicholas Ulasevich impressed with how the court today. According to him, even neyurystu it was clear that the court is in favor of Zimnitsky, and the judge himself had helped to formulate the complainants, in what he sees libel Ivan Kruk:

Not so much to protect Zimnitsky as a system of election fraud …

"They are well aware of what is necessary to protect not only this Zimnitsky as a system of electoral fraud, which exists not only in our area. As they see it, we made the most terrible thing, saying that such a Zimnitsky make falsification."

Lyudmila Shushko said she was ashamed to sit in the courtroom and it came out. In her words, during the election campaign, it did not register the same reasons. Then she abyazhzhala people and ask why they testified that set for her signature. Appeared people the first time they hear about it:

"I do not stand it and left the room. Indeed person executive committee in the face Zimnitsky — it's not a person executive committee. Terrible thing that he said. Even the fact that the alleged crook was collecting signatures from voters for a bottle of vodka. I do not know why not Crook submitted directly to the court for libel. This is just awful, as he put down Zimnitsky Crook. "

Kruk said he would appeal the decision of the district court Ostrovetsky.


Kruk, Zimnitsky

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