Ivanovo collected money for the operation blinded Amur tigress

Residents of the Ivanovo region three weeks have collected more than 250 thousand rubles for surgery blinded Amur tigress glucose, which has for years lived in the zoo Ivanovo.

The call for help came online zoo January 24 — the operation tigress who lost her sight at 90%, it was necessary to 200,000 rubles. Ivanovo Zoo financed from the city budget, which does not provide the money for expensive surgery. In this regard, zoo staff turned to area residents.

Mother tiger gave her glucose immediately after birth, at a young age in the animal health problems. Veterinarians from Moscow removed her clouded by a cataract lens of the right eye. For 11 years, experts regularly monitor the state of her health. Predator, being at their home cage, it is guided safely and educates Tigers — 8 years she had nine pups. However, due to a heavy load on the second eye began to develop glucose cataract of the left eye. This year, the process was progressing.

"To date, the treatment of the tigress Glucose collected more than 267,000 rubles. Now that money should be enough to visit Moscow experts operation tiger and procurement of all necessary medications, including the acquisition of the eye lens abroad. Tigress After full recovery the remaining money will be used to purchase expensive veterinary drugs for the treatment of other animals, "- said the director of the zoo Arkady Borzov.

It is planned that the tigress will be ready for operation until June. The management and all employees of the Ivanovo Zoo express gratitude to all those who responded to the request for a donation, and did not remain indifferent to the fate of the animal.

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