Jupiter again saved the planet

September 30, 2012 11:49

Clash of giant planets and space blocks imaged amateur astronomer from the city of Dallas in the United States. George Hall's telescope, which had installed a video camera, September 10, 2012 recorded the collision of Jupiter and a huge asteroid. George learned about it only after watching the video. It can be considered a powerful flash in Jupiter's atmosphere, which can be compared in size to our planet.

 It should be noted that fans are lucky the second time. In 2009, asteroid impact on Jupiter was able to observe the Australian Anthony Wesley. His information was then confirmed professional astronomers, playback the next catastrophe through their telescopes.
Here and now, astronomers expect, while Jupiter rotates so that it will be possible to consider the following from the present conflict.

It should be noted that the giant Jupiter because of its strong gravitational pull of the shield is a kind of space for our planet. It attracts unwanted heavenly guests who could stay with her face. Therefore, it is possible that he had recently saved the Earth from the cob diameter of a few kilometers. This would be able to destroy life on the planet.
In 1994, Jupiter had to take the brunt of the comet Shoemaker-Levian 9, before the fall of the split into several fragments. Each of which could destroy the planet.

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