Just out of hospital

Just out of hospital

Many young mothers know the next state — you have brought to the baby from the hospital, so he woke up crying and what to do next? Especially scary for women who were lying separately in the hospital with the baby and so were not able to gain valuable experience in the care of an infant under the strict guidance of more experienced nurses and neighbors in the ward.

Some parents are even afraid to take the child in his arms, for fear of hurting him or bumped. In order not to experience such fears, it is necessary to know how to properly care for a newborn.

Feeding and sleep

Eating and sleeping — the two most important things for a newborn. It is best to breastfeed — it's more convenient for mom and better for the child. You need to feed your baby "on demand", that is, when he asks for it. Feeding "on the regime" — every 3 hours — is a relic of the past. As a rule, a some Meanwhile, children set their own convenient for them (but not strict!) feeding regime. For example, begin to eat every 2 hours. This mode and the need to comply with their parents.

At night baby also feeds on demand, so I devote to it a separate room impractical — mother will have several times a night run back and forth. Many parents move close the crib close to her or put the baby with the other.

In between feedings, the baby usually sleeps. In the first month of the children sleep 14-19 hours per day. Every month periods of wakefulness increase, and to six months the baby sleeps 13-14 hours per day. And, if in the first months baby can wake up every 1,5-4 hours, regardless of day or night it is, the roughly eight months, many children are able to recognize the time of day and sleep between 10 pm and 6 am. During the day they sleep 2 times 2 hours. Go to1-15 yearsbaby begins sleep "adultly"- All night and once in the afternoon, after lunch.

The question of whether, swaddle or not to swaddle a baby while sleeping each parent to decide. Many swaddled children so they did not wake themselves with their movements, so some children more comfortable sleep. Now, most doctors believe that a child should be free hands and feet, as it is necessary for normal psychomotor development. Therefore, starting from the second month is better to wear baby romper.

Diapers and hygiene

One of the most pressing issues of child care is the use of diapers. The debate about whether or not they are harmful, do not cease until now. The main argument of opponents of diapers is that the boys who wore diapers as a child may develop infertility. However, scientists believe that this is not the case. Today's "breathing" diapers are safe enough for both girls and boys.

Naturally, wet diapers need to be changed regularly. Max while wearing diaper — 4-6 hours. When you change a diaper, ass child must be sure to wash and anoint a special cream "from diaper rash." From time to time diaper can be removed, leaving the child to lie down or crawl with bare ass (though not necessarily).


Every day, before going to bed to bathe the baby in the bath. In the water you can add a tool for bathing kids (foam), bright toys. The water should be warm but not hot — 36-37 degrees. If you wish, you can teach him to swim — teaching method will prompt the pediatrician. Usually, kids quickly get used to bathing and love it, because water environment familiar to them by the prenatal period. After swimming, tired children usually eat very well and quickly fall asleep.


Walk with your child need a lot. You can start walking with 10 days of baby's life, with the outside temperature should be no lower than 10 degrees. The first walk usually lasts 10 minutes, and each successive increase by 5 minutes. Ideally walk follows a 1.5 — 2 hours 2-3 times a day, in any weather, avoiding too hot and too frosty. In cold weather, it hardens the child, and in a warm and sunny in the body contributes to the formation of the baby vitamin D, which prevents the development of rickets. Do not leave the stroller with a child under direct sunlight.

Of course at first a little baby only sleeps for a walk. Many mothers do not want to spend days wandering the streets with a stroller, when homes will find a lot of household chores. Therefore, in the first few months can be a great outlet baby sleep on the balcony (though not all children are willing to sleep in a wheelchair to stand still). Later, the baby starts actively interested in the world, will learn to sit down, and you have to walk "Really."

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