Kozyrevs Mirrors and experiments with them

January 10, 2013 14:02

Aluminum (at least — glass, mirror or made of other metals) spiral plane, which, according to the hypothesis proposed by a renowned astronomer Nikolai Kozyrev, reflect physical time and like the lens can focus different types of radiation, including those coming from biobektov. Kozyrev mirrors conventional design is of folded clockwise 1.5 turns flexible mirror sheet of brushed aluminum, which houses the chair test and measurement equipment.

The device resembles stone mirrors Tibet, which "compress time." There is evidence of the strange death of four climbers who were in the field of the Tibetan mirror and a few hours to have aged ten years. Kozyrev Mirrors but do not exceed a height of two to three meters, and the stone mirrors Tibet — mountains two kilometers high.

Performed at a high scientific level, these experiments have shown not only the ability of distant transmission and reception of mental images, but also receive special stability when subjects are in focus concave "Kozyrev mirrors" was also confirmed the possibility of "programmed input" (using special technologies) shaped information in the information field of the Earth with the condition they are received (playing) on a specific date and time, people who had been inside the mirror Kozyrev, felt dizzy, fear, were transferred to his childhood. They recalled previous incarnations, felt the rotation of the body and the feeling of weightlessness, saw the body of his twin … At one before the eyes swept the whole of life. The latter clearly seen historic events with ethnographic details. Still others have experienced the feeling of flying. Clearly saw the fourth episode of the future.
Experiments with time spent and Einstein in 1943. With strong magnetic fields, Einstein tried to send a ship to the future. Destroyer "Eldridge" actually disappeared for a time from the eyes and with the radar screen. Perhaps, in fact, the experiment was aimed only to disappear from the radar screen, but definitely the materials were destroyed.

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