Kuzbass resident alien filmed?

December 4, 2011 21:18

An amazing thing happened to the head of the taiga-Michael rural territory Mariinsky district Lavrenkovoy Love. The time was about 10 pm, when she decided to take a picture in front of his house pet dog Umku. Turned the camera lens on the house, against which the dog house flippers to her husband, and snapped. When looked at the picture, dumbfounded: at the loft she saw the luminous cloud. "For a moment I thought it was a fire.

Flashed through my mind: in the kitchen forgot to turn off the gas and it exploded — said Lyuba. — I was afraid to look up at the house, my heart stood still in anticipation of negative reactions of her husband. " But after a moment looking up, she did not see any clouds. In surprise considered spouses imprinted shot, not knowing what explanation to give. Then Love decided Lavrenkova again to remove the same place. But the second shot was even more surprised: the cloud moved over the wall, falling to the ground. It was an unusual shape, resembling giant-grasshopper from white wings which peeped two green legs.

This strange picture did not come out of her head all night. And when on the second day of Lyuba went through the gate to examine the place where the mysterious cloud landed, it was struck by what he saw: in two places, very close to each other, the grass was burned and trampled. Somewhere here who had taken mushrooms like toadstools, stood firm, dry and sometimes black. Witnesses were scorched grass and expert Galina Lapikova village administration, and a local resident Igor Popov. In the grass, they found a small piece of a very thin but very strong film. It was soft to the touch, something reminiscent of mica, and had a strange smell on the fingers glistening, shimmering in different colors. The head of the rural settlement and craftsmen on the fingertips after grinding for a while disappeared skin pattern, and the skin itself in these places was unusually soft. Villagers have the impression that in this place touched the ground fuel oil oil. If there was a car and damaged the earth's surface exhaust. That's the only place it is impracticable — here comes the break, you can go to a faint trail.
"A few days passed and I was beginning to doubt whether what he saw in reality — maybe all it seemed?" — Sense of confusion in the soul of Lyubov. That's just the facts — stubborn things — to the contrary. But who will interpret this anomaly?

Natalia Lebedinsky.

Photo Lyubov Lavrenkovoy.


These shots — not mounting

For comments, we turned to the magazine "Miracles and Adventures" (publishing house "Journalist", Moscow). On the nature of a strange object tells ufologist Yuri SENKIN:

— Photographs taken Love Lavrenkovoy really recorded an unidentified object bright white. These frames are not mounted. This object type is often found in different parts of the world, and fixed it for many amateur photographers to conventional cameras. He is not fixed conventional human vision that puts this phenomenon in a number of little-known at the moment. What do we know about this object?

Movement. The object is an alien or is from another dimension. Movement takes place at high speed, from the emission of the object can be seen that he was in acceleration mode, a bright white light appears due to excitation of the gas atmosphere and a sharp change in UFO, the object is also observed plasma sheath, it arises from the transfer of electrons to orbits with different energy levels.

Footprints on the spot. According to eyewitnesses Lyubov Dmitrievna UFO landing place really looks like an alien object left marks. When planting UFO initiate chemical processes in the air, accompanied by the appearance of sharp processes, stable smells toxic chemicals in soil and vegetation. Excited nitrogen gets reactivity, which reacts with many other chemical elements. When combined with hydrogen, it forms ammonia, and oxygen — nitrogen oxides. At temperatures below 150 ° C can form nitrogen dioxide, which reacts with other atmospheric gases to form nitrobenzene — oily toxic substance with a smell of bitter almonds. Electrical discharge creates a highly active form of oxygen — ozone. Often these are the marks or witnesses to a UFO landing site.

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