Labyrinths of astral travel

October 21, 2012 22:52

Labyrinths of astral travel

According to the cosmological and theosophical teachings, astral plane (or subtle world) is between two worlds — dense and fiery. In it, according to the esoteric, live angelic and demonic beings, the pagan gods, nature spirits and the souls of suicides. For the dead of natural causes human astral plane is the one which is resistant knowledge area, where the first stage of a long journey to other worlds gets his immortal soul.

 Experience of ancestors

Mention the subtle world and exciting journey in it are found in the ancient Vedic books, Egyptian papyri, Hermetic Kabbalah, and even in the Old Testament (Book of Ecclesiastes, Chapter 12). In Chinese manuscripts III century suggests that the soldiers of the emperor bodyguard has an amazing ability to sleep, "the spirit soar and contemplate not only the neighborhood, but also the behavior and even the secret thoughts of the enemies." This amazing ability to manipulation the astral body, achieved over the years of hard training under the strict guidance of monks and sages who held sacred knowledge.

Even in Christian Europe was not uncommon for communication with the astral plane. Medieval Nuremberg Chronicle XIV century mention of a certain Hans Steyr — magician and alchemist, who was in his dreams citizens, sometimes accompanied by strange-looking creatures communicate, warn of impending danger. The famous and legendary Count Cagliostro and Saint-Germain in perfectly mastered techniques of astral travel. This is mentioned in the works of the late XIX century, the famous theosophist Annie No-ant. She claimed that she did not once ever communicate with their astral shells. In the XX century, colorful descriptions of subtle worlds were created by well-known philosopher, traveler and follower of Agni Yoga by Nicholas Roerich and the Russian writer Daniil Andreyev. According to them, they are not going through a personal experience of visiting the astral plane.

Shamanic practices

The famous British psychic and clairvoyant mid XX century, Charles Webster Leadbeater published several papers in which summed up the experience of interaction with the astral plane representatives of traditional beliefs in Africa, South and North America and Australia. According to Charles Leadbeater, in the subtle world and communicating with its inhabitants shamans draw life and magical powers. To do this, they periodically to travel in the astral world. Signal that it is time to travel, is the so-called call guardian spirit. The servants of the pagan cult show symptoms that look like seizures or attacks of acute schizophrenia. Immediately after that, alone, the shaman was about to make a magical ritual that enables the soul to go into another world.

Charles Leadbeater shared equipment sensitive to astral travel and neuroleptic. While using a sensitive technique shaman enters a trance itself (a condition which is a necessary condition for the visit of the subtle world) through certain ritmoformul played on the drum or tambourine ritual that accompany it monotonous dance. When neuroleptic technique used by some types of drugs of plant or animal origin, which give the effect of "the expansion of consciousness."

In the late 90's of the XX century, Krasnoyarsk parapsychologist George Matusow described another kind of shamanic techniques, which he called "the power of place." In this case, the shaman goes into place, with a strong energy-field. In such places the uninitiated people usually cause painful physical and psychological reactions. From there, with no additional effects, the shaman goes into their fascinating journey.

Modern travelers

In the last century sensitives, esotericism and parapsychologists have worked hard to develop a theory of astral travel, and their practical application. This problem was studied in M. Theon A. Bailey, P. Yogananda, Aurobindo S., M. and M. Alfassa Rainbow. In the mid-1970s, scientists at Stanford Research Institute even introduced a special scientific term "remote viewing," which described the ability of the human mind (or rather, part of it) to go to a specific place to get some information and then come back. A couple of decades later, Russian and Western scholars began to actively use more precise terms: "an out of body experience" and "lucid dreaming."

In 2001, after undergoing clinical death Tomsk engineer Boris Tkachev (name changed), closely interested in the phenomenon of astral travel. Detailed study of the range of techniques and in consultation with practicing psychologists, Tkachev discovered that the only one that enjoys to this day. "Astral Stalker", as Boris jokingly calls himself, begins preparations for the journey to the small world for three days. During this period he refuses alcohol and tobacco, eats only plant foods and tries to sleep no more than four hours a day. In the evening, on a certain day it is placed on a flat, warm surface, includes meditative music, eyes closed, mentally repeating verbal formula-setting starts to look into the black space in front of the closed eyelids.

According to Tkachev, the most important in the first few minutes of this meditation is the ability not to go into the world of dreams, usually followed by sleep. If you are able to save on shaky border consciousness awake, it is about the seventh minute of such exercises dark space in front of the closed eyes start to fill with light. Experimenter feels a sudden lightness in the body and begins to clearly see the space around them, and move at will end up outside of the body consciousness at any distance.

In danger of

According to Boris Tkachev, the hardest during astral travel is not the act of consciousness movement in space, and the ability to avoid the so-called hunters — exists, is usually to travelers in the form of a man dressed in a black robe flapping.

Their task is to push the human soul from the astral plane to the physical. At the same techniques are used quite painful, resembling an electric shock effect.

According to a number of parapsychologists, "hunters" do not cause harm to the physical or spiritual substance of man. However, in the astral world there are a number

inferior beings, capable during astral travel, like parasites cling to the thin body and travel to get to our material plane. Such entities, parasites, called lyarvami or phantoms, on returning consciousness astral traveler to the physical body, begin to absorb the energy, causing physical ailments or mental disorders.

Another danger lies in the fact that at the time when the soul of a person traveling in the small world in its physical form deserted may settle one of the dark essence of the lower plan or, worse, dispensable soul suicide or criminal, departed to the other world without proper church rituals. In this case, some say, that a person if substituted — so radically changing his habits, character and inclinations. This can be dangerous for people.

Among the possible troubles that may be encountered lovers astral travel, is the danger of losing a large amount of energy, which may result in chronic lethargy and apathy. Astral stalkers can lose track of time while in the small world — is sometimes expressed in this mysterious phenomenon as lethargy. There is a danger even get lost and forever lose the opportunity to return to his physical body.
The Church has never approved of such experiments. Today, Orthodox, Catholic and Muslim priests believe that, carried away by such travel, one surrenders himself the devil, thus dooming his immortal soul to the eternal torments of hell.

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