Lake Monsters Labynkyr

November 10, 2011 17:30

Lake Monsters LabynkyrAlthough officially it is considered that the inhabitants of lakes, seas and oceans are well studied, but experience shows that this is not the case.
Thick water depths are keeping the countless secrets, and people still only touch them. Yakutia is a small lake Labynkyr, which is known chilling tales. Residents of the village, near the lake, say that in the depths of the waters there are very mysterious and aggressive creatures. One day, the stories of local residents, one of these creatures to shore and chased fishermen Yakut. The outcome of this chase was fatal — the unfortunate fisherman died of fright.

Another time, being stuck his head out of the water, and before the eyes of the villagers swallowed the dog, swimming to the shore. In the descriptions of the monster, the views of various witnesses coincide. It describe it as something very large dark gray in color and with a huge head. Based on available evidence, the distance between his eyes over a meter. Although these measures seem impossible, these items are partially supported by eyewitness accounts. Peter Vinokurov (local) found on the shore of a strange animal's jaw with teeth, which was so huge that if it is orientated vertically, then under it could pass the rider.

In the past, drowned in the lake Labynkyr trailer. For his research and subsequent ascent hired a scuba diver, but after the first dive, he jumped out of the water and refused any further searches. When asked the reason, he replied chtlo attacked the giant beast: "burbot", according to him, a length of about four meters. According to the facts of the lake Labynkyr was equipped expedition that discovered the nature of the unknown tracks left being polzshim, apparently, on the belly. The real significance of what is happening felt the dog-guide: it is highly anxious and barking at the lake. Members of the expedition, wanting to sleep peacefully, tied her to a tree, and in the morning, waking up, long called poor dog looked sadly bitten end of the rope, but, alas — to no avail. Examining the Labynkyr using sonar, the expedition found that the right of the lake, right under their boat locator recorded pop heavy. After rising to the surface, the creature shook the boat, but did not turn it, and was quickly removed from the researchers. Further studies using sonar showed that at a depth of forty meters are underground and underwater mine-like dug holes, and vertically running from them moves. So oyurazom, lake could well be connected to the adjacent bodies of water, and it explains the possibility of a giant fish in ponds, lakes like Loch Ness and Labynkyr. More than anything the researchers could not see, but they have concluded that the lake is actually present an unidentified creature.
In the nearby lake Gates has repeatedly seen a huge animal. Description of it is in the diaries of the chief geological party of the East Siberian Branch of the USSR V. Tverdokhlebova. In 1953, geologists observed in the lake "… an animal. Above the water rose a little dark gray hulk, clearly stood two light spots that look like eyes … We've seen only a small part of the animal, but the water is guessed huge massive body … "In this area most of the year the lake covered with ice, and in winter Ice necessarily appear polynya, next to which are clearly visible traces of unprecedented huge animals …

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