Landslide on the seafront promenade in Sochi

The fact that the landslide on the waterfront, I got a call later. Quickly assembled camera, video camera, rushed to the place of incident. MOE and other services were clearing the embankment collapsed reservoir land and trees. Heaps of earth ran special dog check whether there is underground covered with people, only then comes into play heavy machinery.

Was present at the scene of the mayor and the head of the district, there were many police officers. Works covered lamps, powered by generators. In one version of a landslide triggered by the recent earthquake in Sochi, on this slope was already a little avalanche. In the causes of the incident PE will understand the special commission, tenants of the site before the New Year given prescription, make efforts to strengthen the slope.

Shifting of the soil was quite strong, the video shows that she broke concrete structure as a match. Miraculously, no one was hurt. I want to note the speed of the special services were clearing the ground littered embankment done guys know how to work, but would be better if such incidents never happened


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