Large Format Printing

In the modern big city, billboard advertising is very valid method to convey information to many groups. External advertising captures drivers, passengers, pedestrians and of normal too. The main advertising media are: Banners, boxes, glowing bukovkoy and roof installations.
The initial goal of such advertisements — to recall the product, large companies in most cases use Outdoor advertising in combination with a television or radio advertisement. But for most companies, this is the only method of promoting a service or product. For their very fundamentally normally chosen place.

In particular, often foreign advertising used dining, personal medical institutions and gaming halls. Despite all the power of television, outdoor advertising remains an effective and sufficient supplies are popular, especially for medium-sized businesses. With the help of outdoor advertising can be said about upcoming promotions, sales of shares or receive the latest collection. Plus, she's not that bill, as, for example, advertising on television or in print.

The bulk of the outdoor advertising accounts for banners. It is used for the creation of the development of large-format printing. Specifically, the use of large-format printing makes outdoor advertising more catchy and lively. The main requirements for banners — it's durability. After all, the Outdoor advertising high impact weather events. To solve prepyadstviya fading banners are printed with solvent printer. Banner, of course, lost as compared with the interior seal, but fade resistance and the highest humidity make Solvent print more preferred. You can buy Solvent plotters, then you will be able to print Banners in the right quantity, without getting up from the chair. The cost of the cheapest around 400 thousand rubles. Well, if you need a small amount, then it is better to use the services of specialized companies. On the job will take about 2-hours.

Versatility makes large format printing outdoor advertising win-win way to market the product.

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