This concept is closely related to the concept — a myth. But it is still more. Legend — neither more nor less than the tradition of some event in the history or the history of a person.

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Legends are divided into two types: the religious and social. Religious legend clear that evolved from the word religion. That is, the legend is about religion. A legend in the social affected people, their behavior, values, and more.

The most striking example of the legend can be an example about Atlantis. Indeed, many for no small time talking about it, but in fact no one saw her. First, Plato said about Atlantis — the great philosopher. The legend tells how and why the whole country is destroyed. That's who — that told. That's the difference and the myth.

Initially, the legend will not recorded. They were passed on orally and in people with speech. And much later they began to write. And after some time, the legend began to impose on the music. That is, the music plays and the man tells a legend.

Often, many of the events in the legend exaggerate, embellish. The main heroes were often Gods and various supernatural powers. Scientists refer to the legends and consider them to be absolutely reliable source of stories. They argue that, despite the fact that much of the legend is exaggerated, but the main event — the real.

There's even a movie about the legends, where they describe, depict.

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