Lies about the Evil Empire

• Where the system of Russian Empire — all the people survived. And completely preserved — including language, culture and literature. Where the culture was missing — it came under Russian (Soviet) influence. Where no medicine, education — they appeared. Everything and everyone is alive.

Question — at what method combining people live normally?

• For those who are misunderstood — some facts. Evenki, Tungus, Buryatia, Tuva, Karelia, Komi, Mordovians, Kazakhs, and hundreds more on the list — all there is now, more of them. Who has not had the alphabet — was given. Those who did not have doctors and teachers — have arrived Russian teachers, who did not have schools and hospitals — Russian workers arrived and built. Now they have their professors and teachers, doctors and engineers.

• Georgians, Armenians, Uzbeks, Tajiks, and the list goes on — have their own civilization, literature, and culture — all survived and multiplied, and became interested in the USSR is known all over the world. Academy of Sciences, they have appeared in the Soviet era. Everywhere, and the Caucasus, and Asia — and in the Russian Army generals served in the Soviet.

And taxes, and resources were distributed so that in Russia for half a century (1940 — 1989) production growth has averaged 15 times, and on the edge of the — 40 times. That is, Russia has invested there than in Russia itself.

• Moreover, designers, scientists, engineers, doctors, teachers — 90% Russian, though, which is about half the population of the USSR. But we may as well invest these resources in its development — but then it would be infant mortality, life expectancy, health, education in Central Asia, the Caucasus, and in general in the outlying areas — would be at a terrible level.

• Russian doctors to risk their lives, went to fight epidemics of deadly disease is not won them. After that, those border regions of Russia and the Soviet Union — called colonies, and Russian — occupiers — have tried for slander.

• You can cite as an example of "positive" factor end "occupation" of the Baltic states — in just two decades, the population of the three Baltic states declined by more than half a million people — and are re-emigration of Russian in Russia — a relatively small percentage. Themselves state — simply bankrupt.

• increased — the number of suicides and drug addicts. Public debt has grown so much that is not clear, how to give it. "Utopia" — an example of worst economic realism compared to, for example, with their programs and projects to resolve the crisis. Sex tourism is developed in Germany, Sweden, and Finland. This is called freedom and democracy, and in the Soviet period — they tolerated the occupation and the suffering of a self-conscious nations themselves.

And we take the same America? You know the generals — Shoshone? Academy of Sciences of the Cherokee? Literature in Delaware? Artists — Iroquois? Physics — the Sioux? And what happened to the tens of millions of Indians? And — no special word for this crime there.

• And they came with their power, not the builder, engineer, doctor, teacher, shopkeeper, the pawnbroker, planter. And no Indian children were treated and removed at the scalps of Indians — how many scalps, so much money was paid government assassins for $ 5 apiece. And no schools, hospitals, housing, factories were built, and retail trading, and trading is not drugs, but rather at all — the Indians sold blankets, smallpox and measles infection, and alcohol. Imagine Dr. Watson, who in India, for example, is struggling with a cholera epidemic? Yeah, twice as much …

• In the prairie buffalo herds, estimated 70 to 100 million head. These prairies lived 20-25 million Indians. Suddenly, but very organized — American citizens began to slay the buffalo — from expeditions to the workpiece pemmican and skins, to the sport of hunting — passing by on the train, on the go shooting buffalo from the windows — just to kill. All the "draws" the buffalo were killed. Why? And this was the food supply of the Indians of the prairies. For a couple of years, they have all died. All the tens of millions. It happened a little more than 100 years ago, in a civilized democratic America.

• In Hitler's Germany on the people having from 1/16 Jewish blood, subject to restrictions on possible work. They were forbidden to lead the banking business, to take large positions in the government, headed by the media — newspapers, films, radio — that is, have the political power and the means of propaganda. Thus even half Jewish blood (mishlinge), was not an obstacle for the post of Deputy Reich, the commander of the regiment or division — limitations apply only to the most senior units of government.

In democratic America — Japanese! considered a person with a 1/32 Japanese blood in this case it was not about the limitations of the work. All, without exception, these "Japanese", in all the territories under the control of the United States — were illegally, that is without any law and without any trial, captured and thrown into concentration camps, where have stayed throughout the war.

• In the Pacific Islands, including Hawaii, the camp — it posts with barbed wire, tin sheds, putrid water, 40 degree heat and 100% humidity, malaria, typhus, lice, leprosy, the lack of doctors. Do you think a lot of the "Japanese" survive? And such "Japanese" in America and the colonies were hundreds of thousands — and all of them were in the camp. General statistics on mortality — were not disclosed until now. Racial laws of the U.S. — has been harsher than the Nazis.

• In Russia, the "aliens" had special privileges, but in America the Indians on their own land — were not considered citizens, were outlawed at home. And now — live on reserves.

Yes, Russia — crazy country. Unlike the states of the civilized West, it is not in the habit of invading other countries and hundreds occupy them with or without cause, to multiply its military bases around the world, it is not like the terrorist bombing in the guise of fighting for the lives of civilians, do not like the orange revolution slogans of freedom and democracy, does not generate drug trafficking and not the roof of opium poppies with their armed forces ….

• From the point of view of the West — we are not normal. We do not understand why — do not trust and fear. Since, contrary to policies of recent decades, our government, we are still going strong — we are very much afraid, and no less a hate — impotent anger causes hate.

• But this is Russia, of course, the "Evil Empire" and "prison of nations". A Russian — invaders and colonizers. And it was the Americans now unite the world under his rule and by their rules.

And now some statistics about the "Russian occupation":

• One ruble equity Republic additionally received by the Russian Federation in 1985 and 1990, respectively:

Moldova — 22 kopecks. and 90 kopecks. (An increase of 4.1 times)

Latvia — 33 and 64 kopecks. (2 times)

Turkmenistan — 58 and 89 kopecks. (1.5 times)

Estonia — 69 kopecks. and 1 ruble. 27 kopecks. (1.8 times)

Uzbekistan — 60 kopeks. and 1 ruble. 63 kopecks. (2.7 times)

Kyrgyzstan — 6 kopecks. and 56 kopecks. (9 times)

Tajikistan — 65 kopecks. and 1 ruble. 85 kopecks. (2.8 times)

Armenia — 1 rub. 52 kopecks. and 2 rubles. 9 cop. (1.4 times)

Georgia — 1 rub. 46 kopecks. and 2 rubles. 96 kopecks. (2 times).

• Producing more than 61% of the national income of the USSR, the Russian Federation in 1987, ranks 11th in terms of consumption of other republics, and by 1990-th — the latest. Investments in culture, education, and other non-production sectors in 1975 increased in the USSR by only 1%, while in Kyrgyzstan — 13%, in Moldova — by 9%, in Uzbekistan — 10%.

• In Russian villages on 10 ha of arable land had paved roads in the average of 12.5 km, and in the Baltic States — almost 70 kilometers.

• In Central Russia, on 100 hectares of agricultural land cost of fixed assets amounted to 142 thousand rubles., And in the Baltic countries — 255 million rubles.

• The volume of retail turnover of trade organizations per capita in Russia was less than, say, Estonia, on 24 and 32% — for food and non-food items. In this republic were subsidized by the Russian Federation. As today subsidize the North Caucasus.

• In this paper, we consider such a reception of the information war, as a substitute for the images of the facts — the facts say one thing, but they are dull and require awareness, is ready images of the "Evil Empire" and "prison of nations" — are implemented for many years, the daily repetition.

Author: Benjamin Sergeyev


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