Lies and Statistics

Lies and StatisticsIn this issue — medical news.

In health care — innovation. Now, all (or almost all, if possible) deaths dopensionnogo age in hospitals told (unofficially) to classify as a result of alcohol / drug abuse / other bad habits.

For example, a young girl dies in childbirth. Clean, well-kept, family. Rarely, but it happens. Congenital defects, non-standard reaction to medication … is all. But in the end the cause of death write "alcohol intoxication."

Or dying 40-year-old businessman from a heart attack. A formal reason — an overdose of drugs.


The causal relationship is quite simple:
a) Before the government tasked to increase the retirement age
b) Ministry of Health instructed to justify raising the retirement age
c) The Ministry of Health began to attract the ears statistics to show the increasing life expectancy
d) Gorzdravotdely instruct hospitals — need to youngish people officially died eventually as an "own fault" — alcohol and drugs — death to the official statistics do not affect life expectancy.

Simple as that, really …

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