Lightning killed a 22-year old boy in Kharkiv

In the Shevchenko district of Kharkiv region lightning death traumatized the 22-year old boy

The tragedy occurred July 4, but the press office regional department Interior Ministry announced it just now. Law enforcement officials learned of the incident from a local paramedic.

According to police, the guy was resting in a pond near the village Volosskaya Balakleya. The rain, the storm broke, and lightning hit right in the young man.

To avoid such accidents press office regional department Interior Ministry asks residents of Kharkov and region to be cautious during bad weather.

"Those who like to swim and fish with the approach recommended is threatened not only to immediately stop this occupation, but the move away from the pond. After a lightning strike into the water can be fatal to a person who is even at a distance of 100 meters from the reservoir. And such a strike could paralyze people and thus contribute to the sinking "- noted in the police.

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