Long-eared Easter Island

And could it be that the "anomaly" does not anomalies, but the norm, not the person? Or is it not at all the anomalies of the human body, and the details of his unusual costume? "Long Ears" wooden figures are more like hanging from the head headphones (especially if you look at the figure from the back).

The same is worn on the body, "a skinny ghost" look its "edge", "spine" and these round "blyamby" on the blades and the back of the head. The back of the head are different lines that can be interpreted as a system of straps or ribbons. We can assume that in the centuries after the events described in the stories, many of the details look of "long-eared" forgotten and today's carvers portray their characters with deviations from the original sample.

The fact that this assumption is far from the truth, shows the ancient image of "long-eared", carved on a board, recently found on Easter Island arheologami.Vmesto bare 'skinny ghost, "we see in this picture of a man dressed in a suit and helmet, reminiscent of modern equipment pilot or skydiver. With ribbed obviously soft helmet hanging long headphones.

In the eyes of the Khan eepe — goggles (on a wooden figure of modern manufacturing, they only planned as a horizontal ledge on the cheekbone). Front of the mouth, "the long-eared" — some kind of rounded box. Breathing filter? Intercom system? It marks the hose or cable. On the breast of a character depends on the backpack straps or any device with a ridged surface (these "ribs" moved to the body of contemporary images without the "backpack").

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