Lukashenka: stomping and clapping in the squares can be solved through

Stamping and clapping squares problems are not solved. This was announced today at a meeting dedicated to the Day of Independence, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, BelTA has learned.

"Stomping, clapping, grunt, growl, in the squares and streets of the problems can not be solved, and, most importantly, not make any money. And all who grunt and growl on the areas we looked at them — it's not poor. So what do they want? Need chaos and mess in the country. This we can not allow that. The state has the resources and power to put in place all those who violate the law and the Constitution, "- said Alexander Lukashenko.

According to the President, the recent example of the April in Minsk confirmed by the fact that, "as soon as the chaos and lack of control, at least a little, at least in certain areas and streets, once there are problems that lead to the blood." "We do not allow that we can. Not only in Minsk, but also in all over the country, "- said Alexander Lukashenko.

Referring to intellectuals, journalists, political scientists, heads of parties and social movements, to all those who influence public opinion, Alexander Lukashenko urged to remember the responsibility to the nation and history, not to rock the boat and the total not to inflame passions, but to focus their efforts on the real appreciation State sovereignty.

The President stressed, referring to the Belarusian youth, that it is a pillar of the state. "On you depends the future of the state, its prospects, economic and intellectual potential, — he said. — The state offers you all the way. We focus on young people, when we talk about innovative ways of economic development, modernization, upgrade governing body on all levels. "

Alexander Lukashenko also asked teachers and teachers care about the education of worthy young generation. "You can not give them up under the influence of various adventurers to those used immature youths as cannon fodder in their unscrupulous political games and provocations", — said the Belarusian leader.

"Those who call the people to revolt, pursue their goals — they do not need a prosperous Belarus, they do not need the rich people, they do not want justice. They need the shock and chaos. But a strong state, based on the support of the people, will give tough resistance to any political scam. Because at all times, those who want to bloody revolutions, endanger the most valuable — peace in the society, life, health, security of the state ", — concluded Alexander Lukashenko.

Vladimir Matveev, learned

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