Lukashenko does not plan to stay in the Crimea


President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko is paying a working visit to Ukraine. The press service of the president while only provide information about a meeting with President Lukashenko of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych, which took place last night.

The official website of the President of Belarus noted that today The working visit to Ukraine. However, no information about when and how much the head of the country today, and that he had a meeting. However, the press service of the President confidently say that Alexander Lukashenko did not plan to stay in the Crimea. Recall, he came here for an informal summit of the CIS at the end of last week and the celebration birthday Ukrainian president.

According to official sources, during the meeting with Lukashenko Yanukovych in the format of "one on one" discussed "issues of bilateral cooperation, the two countries' participation in the implementation of joint trade and economic projects, as well as a number of issues on the international agenda."

According to the analyst Andrei Fedorov, One of the pragmatic issues that interested the official Minsk and the decision which has not reported — is the transit of Venezuelan oil through the pipeline "Odessa — Brody" in Belarus.

Now discuss the issues of transit and a united policy toward Moscow is hardly necessary.

"It is much cheaper than by rail. For some reason, there was no agreement on the transit, and even there it was on the rail. If it does not turn out to be really bad, it will be necessary to carry through the Baltic States. But it would be better to Belarus to this oil, if it is really going to be in such an amount transpartavalasya the pipeline, it is significantly cheaper. I think now discuss the issues of transit and a unified policy toward Moscow is hardly necessary. Ukraine is not in a state of relations with Moscow to go to such kontrazahady. "

On the eve of his visit to Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych said Ukraine's readiness to become a bridge rapprochement between Belarus and the European Union. Like, strengthening the European vector of foreign policy of Belarus, the Belarusian economy integration in the EU market meets the national interests of Ukraine. Commenting on these statements, Ukrainian political scientist Michael Pogrebinskiy said it was too early to talk about a promising formation of foreign policy of Ukraine.

"The new Ukrainian government, which knows how to count money, practical interest is definitely there. Many lines of positive interaction with Belarus. First of all, because the Ukraine and Belarus have an important transit function. And coordination in the execution of these functions, of course, can benefit both Belarus and Ukraine. I think that the new Ukrainian government will not be ignored, despite the very close relations with Russia. The EU uses the Ukrainian-Belarusian proximity to entice Belarus's prospects. "


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