Lukashenko — Fule: We will not run in Europe, America, Russia

This was stated by Alexander Lukashenko, taking the European Commissioner Stefan Fule, the agency has learned.

The Belarusian said: "I want you to understand that we are not pavalimsya we kneeling before anyone crawl will not — nor to the European Union, nor to Russia, nor in front of America."

Alexander Lukashenko urged to abandon double standards in relationships and focus on the main issues of mutually beneficial: "It is our sovereignty and security, it is our independence of Belarus, — he said. — And we are for the sake of this independence will do. We will not run in Europe, America, Russia, borrow money from you, play the violin, Russian and vice versa, as do the so-called, much loved by some politicians in Europe, our opposition — we will not do this. "


EU power

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