Lukashenko on the Customs Union: Live — see

July 6, Belarus joins the common customs territory of Kazakhstan and Russia. In Belarus there is effective Customs Code of the Customs Union of the three. His decision Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko announced during a summit of the leaders of the Eurasian Economic Community in Astana.

Since July 1, the Customs Code is already in force in the territory of Kazakhstan and Russia. Therefore, the most anticipated event in Astana was the proclamation of Alexander Lukashenko of its decision on the ratification of this document. While still in Minsk on July 3, he said that Belarus has ratified all the treaties of the Customs Union. Following the meeting, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said that Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia signed a declaration on the entry into force of the Customs Code. Head of the Press Service of the President of Belarus Paul Light told the "Liberty" that after the meeting of Alexander Lukashenko was in a good mood:

The President in a good mood …

"I think there is a reason to be the leader of the country in a good mood, even though he showed cautious optimism at the press conference, when he said about the future of the Customs Union — wait and see. Actually, wait and see, for the simple reason that we have faced before with the fact that the documents were signed, approved, it is not clearly fulfilled. President until quite restrained reaction to the results that have been achieved today. But the president in a good mood. "

The leaders of the Customs Union decided that the three governments need to make all the necessary arrangements to to January 1, 2011 he wasand developed and adopted by all the agreements that form a single economic space, "Three." According to Light, the most important questions for Belarus adopted a "compromise version, which is more consistent with the interests of our country."

For the year prolonging the present rates of customs duties on imported cars …

"We have the opportunity, after we sign and ratify the documents to create a single economic space, get a zero duties on oil and oil products. Secondly, during the year we can have a national regime of trade with third countries. This is also very important. This is one of the exceptions in the Customs Union, and he formalized Special Protocol. Equally important is that the action is extended for one year the current rates of customs duties on imported cars. "

In Astana Alexander Lukashenko held a bilateral meeting with Nursultan Nazarbayev, and called it a "motor of our relations in the framework of the Eurasian Economic Community." And if you plan a bilateral meeting with the president of Russia?

"No, no plans and no time is now conducting them as leaders are in the residence of the president of Kazakhstan, it has its own private program is organized by the President of Kazakhstan. There, I think the president in an informal setting can be to speak. "

Today, during the bilateral meeting with Nursultan Nazarbayev, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said that Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia closer to the very high level of integration. Ahead — cooperation through the EEA and in the future — a common market and laying the foundations of joint currency area.

How will affect the accession to the Customs Union on the three relations between Belarus and the European Union? Political scientist Alexander Klaskouski said:

Alexander Klaskouski

"From the point of view of the strategic interests of Belarus would be better perapakutavats a certain time, to experience the economic break-up. Suppose that would be more expensive than gas, but it would open a direct, simple, high road to integration into the European community, the modernization of the economy, to the civilized rules of the game in the the economic sphere. "

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