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Education and health state will spare no money. This was announced today at a meeting of the state and prospects of development of cancer care in Russia, said Russian President Alexander Lukashenko, reports our correspondent.
"You know my position: education, health, maybe even in that order, and can be, they are flush. Healthy people need educated state. So in this, we will invest the money, "- said Alexander Lukashenko.

The President also said that the state will continue to increase the social aspect of the budget. "And all the money we spend to save man, to make him a normal life, to give him a good education. But we will do a point, the first point, the first direction — it Oncology ", — the president.

Salary of doctors must depend primarily on their professional level.

The President stressed that the issue of salaries of doctors "would not egalitarianism." "Yes, we have a problem as long as the young doctors. We need to think, as they are supported, — the President said. — We will not support a young doctor — do not be light. "

"There are bad and good doctors, but most of us normal people. Therefore, doctors can not be bad, if they provide the necessary conditions. When it came to wages, we thought long and hard how to pay. But you can not deal with egalitarianism. Must pay supervracham superzarplatu, medium — high, well, those who have not yet caught up to it, we can not equate with luminaries. This can not be done ", — said Alexander Lukashenko. In particular, today's Russia is defined circle of about 50 different kinds of operations, for the conduct of which the state pays considerable money.

Lukashenko believes early diagnosis the most important trend in the development of cancer care

"What's disease leads to a deadlock, then to get out there," — said the president, referring to the director of Centre of Olga Aleynikov. He stressed that, where appropriate, in this matter we must "exert power" to create the conditions for examination and early detection of cancer, especially in children. "Children should not die, — said Alexander Lukashenko. — This is our main task, and here we have to do everything — no money no regret, no buildings. Children — is the number one issue. "

The head of state asked Olga Aleinikova that needs to be done in the country to effectively fight cancer. According to her, in recent years much has been done, and our medicine in this area among the top ten countries in the World. The only thing that is needed, according to Director of RSPC, — the acquisition of positron emission tomography (PET), which is very important for early diagnosis of diseases. The cost of this equipment is about 6 million, and such devices to about 2,000 in the whole country. Now there is only 7. As reported to the President, it is planned that in the near future and this problem will be solved. Speaking about the progress made in Russia in the fight against childhood cancer, Olga Aleynikov said that when she came in oncology for more than 30 years ago, the average length of life of a cancer patient was about a month. Now, almost 75% of children with this terrible disease is completely cured.

Center Director also said that soon next to RSPC pension plans to build 100 seats, where they will live parents of young patients. The Head of State has approved the idea, stressing that parents should have the opportunity to stay close to their children, so these pensions have to be built at kazhdkoy Children's Hospital.

Speaking about the development of medicine in general and cancer care in particular, Alexander Lukashenko noted that the money should be considered, to send to where it is today necessary financing priority projects.

President of the Russian Federation visited several departments RSPC, operating unit, talked to patients and their parents. He also visited the playroom, where at this time are classes for children with teachers. Due to the individual training after recovering children can lead a normal life, not only, but also to return to the class. In the same game room is equipped with two laptop who donated on behalf of the Centre of the President. Children via the Internet will receive an additional opportunity to communicate with parents.

During a visit to Centre of Alexander Lukashenko spoke with the girl, who a few years ago to get treatment in the facility and fully recovered. Each year, only one such center of high-quality medical care to receive five thousand patients.

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