Lytvyn: it is a sign of censorship

The Belarusian Association of Journalists commented on the fact that a large part of the circulation of private weekly newspaper "Nasha Niva» (№ 25) are not enrolled in kiosks. Rooms come only in individual stalls Minsk and regional centers.

In this issue of "Nasha Niva" NTV reported on the film "The Godfather" and reactions to the Belarusian authorities.

Commenting on the press service of the Belarusian Association of Journalists Zhanna Chairman Lytvyn said: "At the end of 2008, after returning to the distribution system " Nasha Niva "And the" People's Will ", there were hopes that the next step will be if" blockade "on the distribution of the remaining independent newspapers. Unfortunately, the disappearance of most of the circulation of" Nasha Niva ", which was go to the newsstands of the" Souzpechat " there is a sad sign of censorship in Belarus. spite of the fact that we are talking about the relationship between the two entities, which are so often refer employees dissemination systems.

That Now that is, once again confirms that the return of the two newspapers in the system "Belpochta" and "Souzpechat" was a political decision. Which, however, does not guarantee that these publications will be deprived of distribution problems. "

Do not expect improvement until you run out of the presidential election.

According to the deputy chairman of the "BAL" Andrei Alexandrov, situation with the newspaper "Nasha Niva"Falls squarely into the mainstream actions of the Belarusian authorities against media:

"The whole 2010 we are seeing deterioration in non-media and journalists: in this row are and the warning "BAL" and several print media, and the new wave of raids and confiscation of equipment from journalists. Sorry, can not be expected to improve the situation, there are no more presidential election. " "Personality of the head of state authorities considered inviolable, and any criticism — or lighting — censored in various ways: from the" white spots "on the front pages of newspapers in 1994 and finishing off Russian TV channels broadcasting on the territory of Belarus in 2009."


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