MAKS-2013 hits record

MAKS-2013 hits record
At MAKS ended programm business and opened the first day of impressions to the public

Business programm MAKS 2013 ended within it signed contracts worth about $ 16 billion of their $ 12 billion occurred in the purchase and service of Russian aircraft. Even without the expected agreement on the export of military aircraft business volume exceeded the result of the last air show. Most of the contracts for the delivery of technology as previously concluded between Russian companies and technological solutions must be obtained abroad.

September 30 in Zhukovsky began screenings for the public, and members of the business of international aerospace salon fail first outcome.

Russian aircraft manufacturers managed to break records salon 2011 with the sum of $ 7.5 billion contracts. The total volume of all the agreements of the United Aircraft Company (UAC) this year is estimated at $ 12 billion, said the head of the KLA Misha Pogosyan.

In total the company has entered into agreements for the supply of 173 civilian aircraft. Half of the transactions took place at the flagship Russian plane — short-haul SSJ-100, the other half — the newest development, blizhnesrednemagistralny MS-21. Quarter of all agreements ($ 3 billion) accounted for service contracts MoD equipment.

Orders for the aircraft fell on the main Russian municipal leasing company VEB and Sberbank. «A significant number of aircraft purchased leasing companies that once» parked » their Russian air carriers, «- says managing analytical service agency» Airport » Oleg Panteleyev. Namely, it refers to a solid agreement «VEB-Leasing» manufacturer of MS-21, the company «Irkut» (Comes in KLA), to purchase 30 aircraft. Immediately a memorandum of understanding regarding the implementation of 6 aircraft MS-21 «VEB-Leasing» signed with the airline «Transaero» and 10 aircraft — with the airline «UTair».

Another member of the KLA company company JSC «Sukhoi Civilians», signed agreements and contracts for the delivery of 52 SSJ-100 aircraft, 50 more aircraft reserved for the newest joint leasing company Sberbank and GSS. This agreement is a model for operational leasing, when the plane is in the accessories SP, and the airline takes him to the long-term lease, as opposed to leasing money when the plane goes into the ownership of the airline. According Panteleeva for airlines prettier is specifically operating leases, while in Russia the legal and regulatory framework and financial incentives have been «tuned» model under cash lease.

In the past, leasing companies in a single trade to contract more planes at the moment in terms of agreements were less Panteleev notes.

The only case on kontraktaktsiyu huge volume of aircraft within the 1st contract — purchase turboprop Q400, the creation of which in Russia are planning to localize the Canadian company Bombardier and corporation «Rosteh.» Under this project failed to agree on implementation in Russia at least 100 aircraft Q400.

In the case of implementation of the agreements of the contract amount will be about $ 3.4 billion. In addition, the airline «UTair-Ukraine» — «Daughter» Russian «UTair» — Leasing company «Ilyushin Finance» signed a pre-contract agreement for the supply of leased aircraft 5 CSeries-300 manufactured by Bombardier. Russian airline Red Wings, regained flights in June, is also preparing to expand the fleet. Within MAX 2013 the company signed with «Ilyushin Finance» three memorandum of delivery of Tu-204 SM, MS-21 and Q400.

JSC «Helicopters of Russia», belonging to «Oboronprom» which holds the key to the state corporation «Rosteh» signed supply agreements in Colombia 5 Ka-62 and Mi-171A1 5 totaling approximately $ 135 million

Large enclosed agreement for the purchase of engines. Namely, the airline «Transaero» and Engine Alliance (a joint venture between General Electric and Pratt & Whitney) for the delivery of four aircraft engines for Airbus-380. Germany’s Siemens and United Engine Company entered into a three-year agreement for the use of German software for automation of current product lifecycle of all companies.

Official results at the salon until summed. According to preliminary estimates of analysts, the amount of supply contracts and service Russian aircraft, product sales and joint venture agreements for engine and software could reach nearly $ 16 billion. By the end of last year signed agreements for $ 10 billion.

Agreements for the purchase of military equipment to the salon, as well as two years back, has been concluded. In general, as the experts, the Ministry of Defence agreements are usually long, different rules are not confined specifically to the air show, as it comes with civilians arrangements.

But the «Rosoboronexport» signed five agreements with Italian companies Finmeccanica and OMASUD project in spetsaviatsii. One of the agreements involves the joint creation of the latest modification of amphibian aircraft Be-103, created for special forces.

Regarding zabugornyh giants Airbus and Boeing, as they prefer to negotiate before the sale of the aircraft on other sites. Copa Boeing just in time for Russian Interior received an order to supply 65 Boeing 737 Max total price of $ 6.3 billion for the second naikrupneyshim Canadian airlines WestJet Airlines.

Yet most of the participants in the cabin note promising Russian market and strengthening the position of the site in Zhukovsky. MAX takes the midst of similar events is one of the leading places in the world after such stores as «Le Bourget» and «Farnborough» and already used for the negotiation and conclusion of agreements zabugornom participants and not only Russian companies, said in an interview «the Newspaper» Valroff Laurent, CEO of Dassault Systemes in Russia and the CIS.

With all this Dassault Systemes (developer of 3D-projects whose solutions are used in the design of the Sukhoi Superjet 100) expects annual growth of at least 10% per year in the Russian market, he said.

Zabugornye technology companies is where to turn on the Russian market. Russian developers today do not offer solutions for the complete life cycle of designing complex aircraft recognizes Valroff. Rivals in the Russian market does not see and Claude Albert, vice president and managing director for operations in Europe, the Near East and Africa U.S. company Rockwell Collins, which develops equipment for avionics cockpit. She signed a contract at the airshow on optimization of electronic equipment for the freighter fleet of AN-124 «Volga-Dnepr».

Olga Alexeeva

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