Managing sleep

June 6, 2012 18:49

Night suffering from insomnia and nightmares, daytime — klyuem nose on the move … The way we sleep affects how we live. We think that we are asleep, and wake up when we want, when we want. We think that the dream — is an unimportant part of life. We paid little attention to him, it is easy to ignore. And do not immediately understand, when he starts to avenge us. We think that we manage this dream, but in reality it — us. About him not everyone knows, even those who are professionally engaged in them — doctors, a sleep.

Heroes of our film faced with the extreme situation when the dream seriously interfered with their lives. And even run it! We also tried to interfere with sleep and made several experiments to test: how reliable such sayings as: "The early bird catches the worm feeds", "sleep — the best medicine" and "the problem need to sleep …"

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