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The basic model of the laser, which we use to transfer the wave equivalent of genetic-metabolic information from donor to recipient. We plan to create a laser in the blue region of the spectrum, which will be even more effective.

Speech Acad. P.P.Garyaeva at MSU at the seminar on the synergy in November 2010

audio seminar

Spectral light and sound display of newborn cord blood samples obtained by our technology. This mapping has a high biological activity when listening to show in terms of inhibition of aging baby close relatives — father, mother and grandparents from the father and mother. Naturally, this record will also have a positive work on the donor umbilical cord blood when he reaches adulthood.

Sample recording of the spectrum obtained with our technology, light and sound information from the patient's cells of hair bulb

Record spectrum light and sound information obtained by our technology, with a photo of the constellation Pleiades. Hubble photo.


Program matrix disk (CD) format mp3 (sound in the frequency range of human speech):

1st program — Correction of the immune system.

2nd program — Correction of bone metabolism and circulatory systems, as well as the brain.

Third program — Oncology.

4th program — Correction of general metabolism.

5-I program Option 1 inhibition of aging — slows aging in the current age of the patient. Recently, it became clear that it also blocks many types of cancer processes.

6th program — Option 2 inhibition of aging. It is based on the recording of the spectrum MSHEI root stem cells of the hair bulb patient. Slows aging in the current age of the patient.

7th program — Antidiabetnaya. Now all programs are made so that they work individually, ie on the individual patient and can not be spread to other people, as in this case, do not work and may even be harmful. It is very important to understand that these programs — is not some, we create artificial speech constructions, which are introduced into the genetic apparatus of the people. 1st — 5th and 7th of the program — the records of microwave equivalents of various biologically active substances of well-known and proven materials, for example, extracts of ginseng, eleuterakokka, mummy, royal jelly, etc. Only 6th program contains the text of your own DNA at the current time. It is they, the texts of your DNA, play a major role, significantly slowing the aging process.

Rules listening

1. Records randomly divided into three parts, each of them listen to week. In the future, you can hear all the parts together. If listening is easy, you can use the entire record as a whole.
2. Determine which records subjectively feels best perceived by you to continue to listen to mostly these records.
3. Volumes are to be large.
4. Listen preferably before bedtime or during sleep with headphones or without them.
5. Before listening tune in to the program, relax completely, no extraneous thoughts, focus on your own feelings, or just about anything do not think.
6. In the early days of auditions may be some deterioration of health, as your body is rebuilt, gets rid of toxins. These days it is recommended to take any money, improve immunity.
7. Please refer to our scientific publications, in order to understand the nature of our research and technology.

(Application of the matrix does not mean the rejection of conventional medicine, but complements it)

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