MCC at the radiochemical plant were successfully tested new equipment


Engine room at the Mining and Chemical Combine

At the reprocessing plant at the foothill of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "MCC" has successfully completed pilot operations to test the technological conditions and tested the upgraded process control system on the host crystallization of uranium.

The test equipment is one of the nodes of the future experimental and demonstration center (ODC) for reprocessing spent nuclear fuel, created on the basis of innovative technologies. Scientists and engineers MCC have made a great contribution to the development and debugging of hardware future production.

The successful trial confirmed the effectiveness of the modernization of the equipment, which carried out the plant personnel and the central laboratory. ODC for reprocessing spent nuclear fuel plant in comparison with the existing plants in France for reprocessing to be producing the next generation.

Task the engineers and scientists — the complete exclusion of liquid waste, reducing the volume of solid waste by 100 times. Creating such a proceeding would be an innovative breakthrough in the development of a closed nuclear fuel cycle, and solve the problem of accumulated spent nuclear fuel.

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