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Family who died in the hospital two months the girl from the village named after Morozov believes that

treatment-control commission covers doctors made a mistake. After attempts to find out the results to ascertain the circumstances of the tragedy that occurred on September 16, Anastasia Zholobova relatives received the committee.

According to NTV, the document specialists Regional Health Committee stated that it was impossible to save the child, although there were "defects in the delivery of health care." In this case, doctors at the hospital were Vsevolozhskaya imposed only disciplinary action. According to my grandfather dead girl — Vladimir Jarovogo, officials did not even bother to send a copy of the investigator.

Recall: in September it became known that the Vsevolozhsk district hospital died Anastasia Zholobova. The girl's mother has repeatedly appealed to the doctors: the child had regular seizures.

But in the name of the village hospital Morozova the infant did not cause concern. Only when she became very ill, she was taken to hospital in Vsevolozhsk. But even there the necessary examination was postponed to the next day and in the evening Anastasia died in the resuscitation of brain edema.

According to experts, approached by the family Zholobova, the child could have been saved if the doctors acted correctly. Who is the grandfather of Anastasia Zholobova own investigation.

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