Medical chips are developing in Russia

Rostov scientists have developed a telemedicine wristbands allowing them through the built-in chip tracking via mobile health of the patient, said on Friday a representative of the Rostov branch of OJSC "MTS", whose SIM-chips are used in bracelets.

Unique Russian development of telemedicine was established JSC "All-Russian Research Institute of" Gradient "and Rostov Research and Production Enterprise" Test ".

According to the interlocutor, created bracelet provides information on heart rate, blood pressure and other indicators of human activity. "The telemetry data from the device, with a built-in SIM-chip transmitted over the mobile network connection to the control center, where it is automatically processed, and, in the case of a threat to the patient's signal medical personnel", — said the press service of the operator .

Thus, according to him, the electronic systems can be used as a clock for remote monitoring of health patients in home care or in a hospital, and to monitor the health of elderly people living alone.

Currently developed devices have been tested.

"Now we are going to start series production of bracelets, as well as to continue to develop projects in the field of intelligent information systems radio channel" — the source quoted words of the director of JSC "VNIPI" Gradient "Nikolai Parkhomenko.

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