Medications that are 2,000 years old, are treated better than the current

Pharmacological studies of ancient pills

Arheobotaniki studied medicine of the ancient Greeks, found 20 years ago on a sunken ship off the coast of Tuscany in Italy. A wooden vessel with a cargo of drugs and Syrian glass sank off the coast of Tuscany in 130 BC, wrote Pills carefully preserved ancient scientists analyzed and made public the results.

When comparing DNA found tablets with a genetic base of the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) were able to determine that the composition of the ancient medicines included carrots, radishes, celery, wild onion, oak, cabbage, alfalfa, yarrow.
— About that old were treated with proper medication, we knew for a long time — told the opening of the director of the Institute of medical traditions, which contains the world's largest digital database of medical manuscripts, Alain Tuved. — But the complex drug — it is really a revelation.
Pills, which, according to the researchers, bred in vinegar or water to facilitate digestion, were the size of a grain and stored in a small box. In the future, scientists will try to prove that the ancient mixture was very effective. Some — even superior to modern medicine.

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