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Mikhail Zadornov. Thank you for this word is encoded on slavery. I have always had an ambiguous relationship to the word "thank you", the most popular in communication between people, but the ratio was previously more on the level of feelings, than consciousness. But recently it and realize that the word is the word of the parasite, which is included in our language with a purpose.

The word parasite — a word with a double meaning.
The first point — this is the meaning which we have accustomed as correct.
The second meaning — the meaning is enclosed in the word's root, acting on a subconscious level.

We are accustomed to the fact that the word "thank you" — is an expression of gratitude and wish to men to protect God.

But if this were indeed the case, then instead of the word in the language may appear different, something like "hranibo" or "daribo." However, the language has been implemented it is "thank you", and not something else. Maybe this was some hidden purpose? And who would have to implement in this word?

Communication between people is an exchange of energy. Doing something for someone else (or just giving advice), we give him some of his energy. In response, we get the same amount of energy contained in the words of gratitude.

If a person does not want to spend your energy on gratitude, it shifts it to God, that is to say "thank you." This way of gratitude — an energetic vampirism from the one who paid attention or service.

But this is not the most dangerous, as attention or service in this case are disinterested.

The most dangerous thing in this situation — the hidden meaning of the words "thank you." At a time when there was such a thing as psycholinguistic programming, you can see that some of the words affect the human psyche is not so much a conscious, but on a subconscious level, determining his behavior and his destiny. These words include the word "thank you."

The center of the word (a root), is the word "Feed", which has a definite meaning associated with the sheep and the shepherd.

Some might say that the root of the word is the word SAVED THANKS. But this is not so simple. Need to understand where it came from the word, who began to use it first. Synonyms in the Russian language does not exist in principle, because each word contains a well-defined image and apply a certain group of people, as a reflection of the professional activity.

SAVE A (D) Thread (Bury) — the word as a professional term used mainly merchant. Chrono — wooden barrel in which to store and transport goods by a cylindrical shape was convenient for loading.

Protection — to hide, or someone to hide behind the shield. Used as a word of art, soldiers, warriors.

save — get rid of the influence of Beran. Baer called spontaneous spirit, a manifestation of which (incarnation) of winter was considered awake Bear Rod. Hence the word BEERLOGA — Beran lair. This word was a professional term Magi and Priests.

save — to finish the jaws in the open. Used by shepherds and meant Hunted HERD in the stable (save from predators).

With these initial values of words can be represented in the imagination of a visual image that reflects their true meaning.

Take the Christian appeal: "Save and Protect", and try to create a visual image.

Here go free people, living in conscience, and suddenly someone jumped aside their ideology on the head and they are starting to call unknown person: "Save and Protect." Suddenly, out of nowhere appears a whip, which drives people into a certain area (SAVE).
And imagine a different situation:
You provide a service to someone, and he will instead thanking states that you ram (sheep) and above you must be a good shepherd who will drive you to the crib, limiting your freedom, or that you were a slave, and you want to have a careful owner . Of course, in the slave society, among the slaves, this wish would be met with understanding. Even in a society where the state religion is Christianity, based on the assumption that the man — a servant of God, a desire to assert only the status quo. Actually, it is the representatives of Christianity, and coined the word "thank you."

But in a society of free men and conscious individuals who are ready to take responsibility for their destiny in their hands, such a wish looks not only inappropriate, but also psychologically harmful. Wish that you someone PAZ (saved), acting on the subconscious, denies his will and teaches you to think that he is not the master of my fate, and a "shepherd", standing over him.

Given how often we say the word "thank you", affects the scale of psycholinguistic programming on its population uncomplaining obedience to the one who is above the rank. And given this scale, there is no hope for a quick eradication of parasitism of our lives.

Can it be that we have no hope that at least our children will be free of this parasitic element of our language and the rise of a free individual with its own force of will?

Everything, in fact, is not hopeless. It turns out that the Russian people have long found the antidote to this wish. People who feel in a "gratitude" a threat to their identity, have to say in response: "Not at all", thus, destroying the image, which is attached to this "gratitude." But the element of vampirism is retained.

But people with a common interest may agree among themselves on how to use instead of "thank you" to the other words of appreciation, especially as these words in the Russian language there. For example, "thanks" and "thank you." Only need to know in any case, what word to use.

When someone sends something to another person, he must prove that the thing that is passed, there is no evil eye, no slander, that is what this thing is given for the benefit of man. In this case it is necessary to say "THANK YOU" (I give the benefit), confirming the absence of slander and evil eye on the present.

When accepted thing to say "thank you" (good gift is returned). This word ending "-stvuyu" like the end of the word "Welcome", which can be understood as "sending you." In Russian, the two words as a password-answer, which you can get to know your. One gives thanks, and the other in response to thank you (renewable energy donor).

If the same thing gives a stranger, who does not know "password", and one does not have confidence that things no slander, no evil eye, it should say "thank you" (with the gift of good pass). Thus, if the subject is a hex, then it is destroyed.

The world of thought and understanding to you, dear reader.
I wish you did not have over a "shepherd."
Give sake and States on health.

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