Milinkevich very strange that there is such ratings

Independent Institute of Socio-Economic and Political Studies, registered in Lithuania, has published the results of a fresh national poll. In June 2010, an independent social scientists interviewed 1,516 people in Belarus to learn for people who are going to vote in the presidential election. Politicians have commented on the figures.

If the name of Alexander Lukashenko will be on the ballot, you are going to vote for him 48.3%. Second in the ranking — the leader of the movement "For Freedom" Milinkevich, which surpassed all opposition politicians. Vote for him would be 9.9% of the respondents. Based on the survey results, Milinkevich said that the protests are growing in the community and it makes sense to go to the polls again.


Alexander Kozulin


Sergei Kalyakin

Yaroslav Romanchuk


62% want a change in Belarus. And the fact that opposition politicians ratings no higher than 10%, then it is natural. It is strange that there are any. If there is no television, no politics. This one in the West knows. Specific conditions. We have to work to have the highest ratings. People need to know that there is a suggestion of another model of development. And believe what life offered by the opposition to be the best. "

Third in the ranking — the former rector of the Belarusian State University Alexander Kozulin. If his name was on the ballot, voted for him would be 7.5%.

"If it is not the media, the people are very difficult to make a choice. Previously, these figures were about 3%, now little more. So much experience in the community. Perhaps these figures and testify that if we walked only candidate , all of these percentages would be together. "

Another one of the former candidates for president , Owed has 3.5%. Behind him — Mikhalevich, whose rating was 2.4%. According Michalevic is the level of statistical error.

"That is why I am pleased that I have a rating. I have not started an active campaign. Those who entered the top three — these are people who have already participated in the presidential elections. So I have every opportunity to raise the rating. The company has not yet started, and people do not know and do not see the other candidates. "

InSergei Kalyakin rating of less than 2%. According Kalyakina, in the case of Belarus the numbers a little about what they say.

"Everything can change the presidential campaign. Everything can change in a few days. "

Kalyakin said Alexander Lukashenko rating:

"In any country where an authoritarian or totalitarian regime, if you ask the people for whom they vote, they will say — for those who in power today. Even if the person does not support. "

Yaroslav Romanchuk ranks of 1%. He believes this is a good result, since the campaign began on May 31.

"Negative ratings do not, and it is possible to build the foundation of a good political reputation."

Statkevich, Lavon Barshcheuski andAndrei Sannikov caught in a number of politicians, whose rating was less than 1%. Statkevich said:

"What kind of ratings could be if people can not see us either on television or in the newspapers? I believe that this is a sufficient rating. If a candidate from the opposition appears on the ballot, on TV, then we can talk about the rating. Previously, we simply do not. If they see, and then it will be rated. "


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