Military experts have proposed to limit imports

RF should be legally restrict the import of arms and military equipment, and unprofitable contracts — cancel. This conclusion, as the newspaper "Vedomosti", came a group of professionals in the public council under the chairmanship of the Military-Industrial Commission, Dmitry Rogozin. According to professionals, the Ministry of Defence RF buys military products abroad haphazardly and without severe study.

Conclusions on zabugornyh military procurement are contained in the report of the Russian Federation "Our homeland as an importer of arms." According to this document, the standards of Russian weapons and military equipment were fully tested, including for exceeding certain features of the features of global peers. At the same time, foreign equipment procured by the military, such tests did not pass.

Namely, do not pass painstaking checks Italian armored vehicles Iveco LMV Lynx ("Lynx") and Israeli drones Searcher II, the purchase of which is estimated at 1.8 billion dollars. This technique does not meet Russian standards and is not compatible with Russian weapons systems. In addition, the operation of the "Lynx" and Searcher, assessment professionals will be costly, and military value — low.

Almost always in the process of procurement standards chosen no alternative way, and their trial operation in the army, as, for example, drones Searcher, showed the limitations of technology and multi-functional contradiction to modern requirements. All of the new military purchases Ministry of Defence has been producing under the new rules, and complete test cycles zabugornoy technology.

Meanwhile, buying imported from other countries weapons and military equipment were concluded and additional agreements on the transfer of technologies that maybe it would be to raise the technical level of the industry. According to the head editor of the magazine "Arsenal of the Fatherland" Murakhovski Victor, one of the founders of the first report, RF is only screwdriver assembly Searcher and Iveco.

In the end, experts suggest the Russian military department to cut all unprofitable contracts or renegotiate them on the new criteria. Namely, in the text of the agreement can be included offset obligations that overseas already are a standard part of military procurement. It is a question of technology transfer, reinvestment of funds into the economy of the contract the buyer country or construction industries.

Prior to signing new contracts for the importation of military equipment to the Government of the Russian Federation to prepare an improved regulatory framework. New laws should force the Ministry of Defence carefully choose foreign suppliers to conduct comprehensive tests on samples of military purpose and necessarily include offset obligations in contracts.

At the end of October 2012 CEO of "Rosoboronexport" Anatoly Isaykin stated that the average annual volume of imports of military RF by state-owned companies in the band over the past 2-3 years at most 100-150 million dollars. According Isaikina, these amounts "are not really such a big amount," especially in relation to the export of military Russia.

Over the past three years, our homeland on the outer market has entered into several contracts for the supply of arms and military equipment, including drones Searcher II and BirdEye, armored vehicles Iveco, seasoned standards Centauro armored vehicles and Boxer GTK, also vertoletonosnye amphibious ships docks of "Mistral". According to various estimates, the total price of foreign military procurement is about 3.5-4 billion dollars.

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