Ming students will be free to travel on public transport in 2011

From December 7, "Minsktrans" canceled for school capital fare.

In the near future the city authorities will determine the age category of children who will have to carry a certificate student. Most likely, it will be students from the class of 7-8, the correspondent of TV company "Capital TV".

All we have is good and will be even better — if only the "well-wishers" does not interfere with …

Belarus on the growth of trade — the first among the CIS countries

These are the data of the National Statistics Committee. For ten months of retail sales in Belarus increased by more than 16%.

In second place — Kazakhstan — the third of Tajikistan. In the top five as Azerbaijan and Ukraine. Russia — in sixth place.

The lowest increase in retail turnover in Armenia — less than 1%, while in Kyrgyzstan it was reduced by more than 4%, the correspondent of "Capital TV".

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