Miracles arms production: silent cowboy dream

Everyone, more or less familiar with the genre of westerns knows that the main instrument of cowboys from the books and movies had a gun. Here are some details of its implementation are the least known. For example, a shootout in the saloons were not so frequent. The fact is that by the end of the XIX century firearm "worked" in no way with smokeless powder. As a result, after two or three shots in the room was so much smoke that continue to skirmish or booze did not seem likely. Vpribavok to this firing was accompanied by a fairly resounding noise, which in a very confined space saloon "beat on the ears." But no one complained — just chose not to bring the argument to fire finale. Of course, you could make a special tool with low smoke generation and noise, but no one then it was not necessary.

Since smoke is first sorted out the last century, when, and came into use nitrocellulose powder. Noise, in turn, did not want to go anywhere. Efforts different samples get rid of it, and far not all of them were unsuccessful. In 1909 in France, some E. Kiosa received a patent for a new method of muting shot. He suggested the use of a special hunting weapons wad, which remained at a shot gun in the trunk and lock it in the powder gases. The latter could in contact with the ambient air due to temperature differences and create a so-called muzzle sound wave. In our country, such a system will receive the latest title "cutoff powder gases" and will be used in special cartridges, which wad piston will remain inside the cartridge cases. Prior to the emergence of similar weapons in our country, too, experiments were carried out with the gun, insulating powder gases.

Miracles arms production: silent cowboy dreamProject Brothers Mitya

The first were the brothers VG and IG Mitya. Those who create in the 30s big-name device "by Bram." But before the creation of the muffler remained almost 10 years, and Mitya's working on other projects of similar purpose. In 1929, the brothers received a patent for a new gun "for silent shooting." According to the general concept of it resembled a construction Frenchman Chios, but it was repeating gun. For the base for the silent pistol took the good old times "revolver", and on the basis of 7,62 X38 mm revolver was made special ammunition. Prerequisites such selection are ordinary: a set of "gun-holder" of the brothers revolver was designed in such a Makarov that the shot did not happen breakthrough gases from the breech end of the barrel. So Makar, powder gases can be firmly locked in the trunk and do not give them a sound wave. Nagant cartridge was slightly modified — reduced caliber bullets, and the resulting gap between the sleeve and the Dulcitol bullet took a special cylindrical pan, or, as it was written in the patent, "poddonka." Gun itself underwent further modernization. On the muzzle was established a special device resembling a gun barrel. Nadulny drum is connected to the common axis turret. Nadulnogo inside the drum was made 6 channels with variable diameter: from "official" part of it was equal to the caliber of the barrel, and in the "muzzle" — is the caliber of the bullet. The system is looked quite interesting. When making a shot (trigger mechanism double act) bullet with tray passed through the barrel of the gun and took on rotation. When he reached the canal nadulnogo drum, pan rested on his "step" and remained in the channel. Bullet by inertia separated from the pallet and flew into the goal. Powder gases were trapped in the pocket, trunk and closed the channel nadulnogo drum, and later came out evenly through the existing gaps. When making a subsequent shot gun barrel cranked along with nadulnym and the trunk of a let down new cartridge and the new channel variable diameter. The second bullet, respectively, also left in its poddonku nadulnom drum. By using up all new ammunition cartridges were placed in chambers with a standard cage, and the remaining channels nadulnogo drum pallets had to be manually ejected by a small ramrod.

Unfortunately, the silent pistol brothers Mitya did not go to series. Moreover, so far there is no reliable disk imaging of the existence of even the most experienced reference. For this reason, read about the effectiveness of the system applied on the gun silencer is possible only on the basis of the results of a thought experiment. So today gun for shooting a silent exclusively in the form of several drawings, diagrams, and other similar documents.

Miracles arms production: silent cowboy dreamA tool for the "tunnel rats"

But the series failed to reach the South American revolver QSPR. In the late 60's, when the South American military just "tasted" all the beauty of the Vietnam War, they are particularly handy tool that allows you to perfectly to beat an opponent in challenging criteria. First, it was necessary to implement the so-called tunnel rat. This elite fighters needed a special small-sized instrument with good stopping power and noise improbable shot. Small size required for the convenience of the appeal in a closed space Vietcong tunnels, lethal force was necessary to guarantee the destruction of one point it seemed the enemy, and the prerequisite requirements for noise has become a feature of sound in a confined area. In addition, except for the negative actions of the arrow, resounding shot just might attract the attention of the enemy.

Combine all three principles in one weapon instructed gunsmiths Aberdeen lab ARL (Army Research Laboratory). Due to the complex requirements of newcomer weapons designers in handy immediately connect multiple solutions from different fields of arms production. Question dimensions decided, taking as a base for the new guns gun "Smith & Wesson» Model 29. Reliable defeat the enemy and ensure low noise chuck latest design, developed by AAI. Powder gases in it shut the piston. But the piston knock out the sleeve is not a bullet, and half the 10-ka tungsten pellets with a diameter of about half a millimeter either. Gun has been called QSPR (Quiet Special Purpose Revolver — Quiet Gun for specific purposes). Most of the nodes Smith & Wesson Mod. 29 defected to the QSPR with little or no configuration. For example, a trigger mechanism has kept the design of double act, and the drum as before could hold 6 rounds. At the same time, a new cartridge claimed chiseled chambers drum and replace the barrel. Native very long rifled barrel "Models 29" changed little (35 mm) smooth caliber of 10 mm. When fired, the piston located inside the cartridge pushes through Dultsev sleeve ramifying special tray with beads. Relatively small trunk (3.5 caliber) does not contribute to acceleration of the bullet / fraction, because the output from the barrel of a pan shot has a speed of about 220 meters per second. Similarly, it is with the muzzle energy — about 180-190 J. At a distance of meters from the firing sound of the shot is cut due to the volume of the propellant gas is a little more than 100 decibels, which is approximately equal to the small-caliber pistol with a silencer expansion type.

Relatively low property QSPR gun led to the fact that it was u
sed only in the tunneling operations. There have been precedents when the gun was used in the ambush, but the effective firing range of less than 10 meters is not permitted to become an ordinary revolver tool for such purposes. Yet, the pre-production batch of 10 items aimed at troops in 1969, has received excellent reviews and QSPR fighters have adopted. Relatively precise amount released revolvers no data — called in various sources in the figure 25, 50, 100 and even 250. No info and the application of "tunnel revolvers" after the Vietnam War.

Grunts and kills

In 1983, the Soviet Union has been adopted silenced pistol complex consisting of a gun and special MSS SP-4 cartridge (7.62 X41 mm). Features of the new cartridge with a cut-off of gas — in contrast to their predecessors (SP-2 and SP-3), a wad piston after the shot does not protrude from the sleeve Dulcitol — have allowed to self-loading pistol and promised more great prospects. But to expand the range of guns chambered for the SP-4 it came only in the mid 90s. In 1996, the FSB ordered Tula TsKIB COO gun, designed to introduce silent patron. The project has received the title of "Growler" and the internal index of the OC-38. Work on the subject led the famous designer IJ Stechkin. How to say some fans of guns, OC-38 is not something revolutionary new — it just fine collected some very successful technical solutions. Among them there are also worthy of attention. By his own physical appearance "Growler" is practically no different from other revolvers. The first time you gaze into the eyes throws a laser designator under the barrel. But in this case, the first memory is deceptive — LCC really is, but it is not located under the barrel, and above it. That is, what seems trunk (upper "pipe"), is essentially a sighting, and the pistol is placed across the bottom. This allowed us to better accuracy at the expense of a more optimal rassredotachivaniya recoil momentum. Accordingly, the shot is of the same five-shot drum chambers, which at this point is in the lower position. OC-38 has a trigger mechanism double act with an open trigger and the ability of the preparatory charging. Such is the "echo" of devices single act claimed to enter into the design of non-automatic safety. Noteworthy that the fuse can only be activated in this case, if the hammer is cocked. So Makar, the arrow is not necessary to keep in mind about the guard if he's going to shoot from the DA mode. Loading the gun is done with the help of clips for 5 rounds of SP-4. For this drum leans to the right of the arrow. "Growler" has open sights, consisting of a rear sight and front sight unregulated. With all this beauty spot is located on the upper surface of the housing of the laser designator. In the same housing a battery compartment LCC, and the button enable it put to the frame of the gun and is located above the trigger on the left. To activate the laser pointer requires slightly pull the thumb shooting hand.

Miracles arms production: silent cowboy dream

In 2002, OC-38 pistol was adopted by the special forces of the FSB, but the designer Stechkin this did not wait — he died 28 November 2001. By completely understandable reasons, the latest creation of IJ Stechkina and 10 years after adopting a little-known, and as for its implementation, on this account open info and not at all. We can only make guesses. After all, even the fact that the cartridges after the shot remain in the drum, allow the version about the fitness of some gun OC-38 for covert operations by eliminating the "facilities".


As a result, need to make one little slip of the tongue. Silent Gun Mitya, QSPR and OC-38 standards are not the only tool in its class with the ability to fire without the noise and flash. But in most cases, the designers decided prepyadstviya sound equipment available only revolvers devices silencers. We can not say that, given the solutions used Mitin, Steckin and engineers Aberdeen lab gun with a silencer looks very ordinary.

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