Missile test «Bulava» fully completed

Missile test
Municipal flight tests missile complex «Bulava» completed, they will not continue as the state commission has signed all the necessary documents and graduated from their work.
Said this general designer of the Metropolitan Institute of Thermal Technology (MIT), Yuri Solomonov, answering the question of ITAR-TASS.

«Developer together with the Ministry of Defense and all participants / co / crosses the finish line in the development when work ends of the state commission. Municipal Commission for flight tests of the missile complex «Bulava» signed all the necessary materials and completed its work, «- he explained.

At the same time, a source in the Russian defense industry had previously said Itar-Tass that during flight tests conducted by municipal «Bulava» submarine with «Dmitry Donskoy» and «Yuri Dolgoruky» there has never been the 1st rocket launch, performed in the normal mode by team from the Central Command of the General Staff Fri with the introduction of the newest automatic control system for launch.

Answering the question whether further Runs «Mace» in the process of testing new strategic submarines, Solomon said that «will control the serial starts on methodology, which today is — when you enter a new missile system in any of them will make one start . » «As a strategic missile submarine mission will fit, they will be started,» — he said.

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