Missing copies Nasha Niva will be sought with the help prosecutors

Last issue of the weekly "Nasha Niva" did not hit the newsstands. According to the editorial, the newspaper usually goes on sale on Wednesday or Thursday morning. However, neither the environment nor on a Thursday or Friday in a kiosk missed. When that newspaper on Wednesday came from the press, and in "Belsajuzdruk" reported that the wholesale warehouse newspaper received.

Editor-in-Chief Andrew Dynko inclined to believe that the reason for the disappearance of circulation for sale has contents and dedicated to information attack on Lukashenko from the Russian media:

As of today, the newspaper also never been on sale — either in Minsk or in the regions …

"No end there. As of today, the newspaper also never been on sale — either in Minsk or in the regions. At the same time," Belsajuzdruk "and" Oblsoyuzpechati "we do not give any answer, saying only that the paper on the wholesale stock received. And that's it. And then she had disappeared. I think it certainly makes for some orders, was done in an organized, as the expedition — it's a technical process. Drivers are not just the same "Nasha Niva"While razvozyatstsa dozens of products. But not only received" Nasha Niva. "Therefore, we will understand, perhaps, today will file a complaint with the prosecutor's office."

Reporter: "Do you think that the reason was precisely the content of numbers?"

"Given that this situation was not even once in the two years after the return of newspapers in the sale, we believe that the contents of issue really caused a nervous reaction. Chief headline number was" The Godfather capitulated. "In the material it was suggested, that Belarus signed a Customs Union by unfavorable conditions after the film about Lukashenka on NTV ".


"Nasha Niva"

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