Missing the forest fall into the abnormal area?

October 27, 2011 16:54

Eight people today are missing in Tyumen forests. All lost over the summer and fall was about 50. In general, and berry pickers. In search of people involved ground and air equipment. Care is provided, and volunteers.

 That morning Maria Makeeva not promise anything unusual. It was planned a trip to the woods with their families for mushrooms. Only she could not imagine that her old "Oka" break right in the thicket. Until rescuers reach — no communication.
"I think if the battery fails, we all get stuck. Three times stopped and rolled the car. She starts and stops again. And so it has turned to evening. Calls are made, but we have not heard, "- says Maria Makeev.
They spent half a day in the deep woods. There was panic, three tried to pull myself together. Reached the side of the road, and suddenly the phone worked.
This fall in the past few years, set a record for the number of lost in the woods — 50. Many were rescued. Eight others are still looking. While they are listed as missing.
Viktor Zakharov, often acts as a lifeguard. An experienced helicopter pilot, it would seem, the forest and taiga know. But he felt the vagaries of nature. Got into the anomalous zone — in the woods near Netefyuganska. Compass did not work off scale magnetometer.
"Fear, chills, just beginning to shake and the feeling that I was lost in the woods. Rescued that earned tractor. I turned around, went through a ravine, feeling — it became easier, and the boys go up from the forest. What happened — are lost, "- said Viktor Zakharov.
Experienced pilot sure that in the forests south of the Tyumen region has its secrets. Rescuers say: such cases — akin to fantasy. Mushroom collectors should we discard the quiet passion of hunting and carefully prepared. Carry a phone, or navigator, or use old-fashioned methods.
"Going for mushrooms, berries, you should always have a little knife. Make small marks, their marks on the trees during your movement. Have a supply of matches and a small supply of food and water "- advises the head of the Tyumen search and rescue team Yuri Palitsin.
The main purpose of rescuers today — not only to find missing people, but also to warn those who are going into the woods. They say the forest learns to appreciate beauty, but first of all — life.
At the same time in the Khabarovsk region is searched immediately three missing people in different locations. They all disappeared in the river on the north edge of the Hutus.
On the river disappeared Hutu who left to go fishing 49-year-old male from Busan. Until now, his whereabouts are unknown, but the search team found overturned boat. Not successful, and search and rescue expedition, which includes rescue from Komsomolsk-on-Amur, officers Vanino District and the State Inspectorate for Small Vessels. Strong current and a large depth of the river does not allow for examination of the scene more closely. The search is complicated by the fact that after the flood Hutu place has changed direction, and on the river many wrinkles. Assumptions about the disappearance of a person is different, but the exact cause has not been established yet.

Tuluchinskaya anomaly

It is unknown what happened to the 25-year-old resident of the village Tuluchi. According to preliminary data from just 12 km from the town of the cordon, he went into the woods to the car to see berry places. By the end of the day the young man who did not return rushed to search, but found only an empty car in which there were ignition keys, and cell phone missing. Despite extensive searches, which were connected and local hunters with dogs, no trace of the guy has not been found. It is suspected that he was the victim of a bear, but this version is a big question. Let me remind you that this strange disappearance in Tuluchey not registered for the first time. According to Acting Chapter Tuluchinskogo settlement Galina Zoueva in 2006 under mysterious circumstances disappeared 70-year old resident of the village. Together with his family he was collecting mushrooms, but when and how is missing, so until now, no one understood.
Clairvoyant eye …

Unsuccessful so far, and the search for 17-year-old from the village of Volodya Abramovich Dutta. The teenager, apparently looking for 14 years, disappeared almost six weeks ago. At bus stops plastered his picture repeatedly been ads in newspapers, but received no response made clear — the location of a teenager is still unknown. However, more "successful" was an appeal to the clairvoyant from Sovetskaya Gavan, which for 8000 rubles predicted missing mother that he is alive and always will be. That's just where to look, speak and could not. Social teacher of the local school, where Volodya trained on the individual program, toured by boat all the mentor, but the fishermen did not have a boy, too.
Save the lost chapter Busan

But the search for two elderly women from the village of Busan was successful. Near the village women gathered mushrooms, and after three hours of "quiet hunt" and decided to return home, he suddenly realized that they can not find a way back. Spawn of happiness, one of them turned out to have a cell phone, and she phoned a friend, reported happened to her trouble. They immediately called in a single dispatch service of the district administration. Been notified and local police.
Head of Administration Busan Mansour Gubaidullin at that time was at the event in the school № 1, when he received information about errant women. It turned out that one of them, he knew — once worked for the same company. He asked the manager phone and on the phone with a woman is in a forest. During the call, specify where the stray, then together with a police officer went to the intended search area. They were later joined by another police outfit. Prompting on the phone, where to go, he was able to "deduce" the woman to the police car — it was dark, and she focused on the headlights. But the other woman was not lucky — get out of the depths of the forest, and even in the dark, she had no strength, and all she had to spend the night in the forest …
In Busan hope that the missing will be found before the snow, or frost occurred as a chance for salvation will not leave.

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